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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India: Opportunities and Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of a computer or a computer-enabled robotic system to process information and engender outcomes in a manner like the phrenic conception process of humans in learning, decision making, and solving problems.

According to the Accenture report, AI has the potential to add $957 billion – or 15 percent of the current gross value of the Indian economy by 2035. AI is being utilized more and more to uplift the overall quality of life and enhance the societal value chain.

AI in Healthcare:  Artificial perspicacity (AI) in healthcare is the utilization of involute algorithms and software to emulate human cognition in the analysis, interpretation, and comprehension of perplexed medical and healthcare data. Concretely, AI is the faculty of computer algorithms to approximate conclusions without direct human input.

According to a report by Frost & Sullivan, a market research company, the AI-driven healthcare market is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2021 from $600 million in 2014, with an annual magnification rate of 40 percent. From patient care to diagnostics to robotic surgery and drug revelation, AI can avail minimize healthcare costs drastically. If AI can be habituated to understand ailments, early-stage diagnosis can additionally preserve millions of lives.

AI in Education: AI has already been applied to inculcation primarily in some implements that avail develops skills and testing systems. As AI edifying solutions perpetuate to mature, the hope is that AI can avail fill needs gaps in learning and edifying and sanction schools and edifiers to do more than ever afore. AI can drive efficiency, personalization, and streamline admin tasks to sanction edifiers the time and liberation to provide understanding and adaptability—uniquely human capabilities where machines would struggle.

AI additionally has the potential to solve numerous challenges in the inculcation sector. As the Indian regime aims to connect 2,50,000-gram panchayats through broadband, schools in rural areas can be augmented with last-mile connectivity to enhance the cognition experience of students utilizing augmented authenticity and virtual authenticity. With the avail of AI solutions, learning elements can be customized, predicated upon the assessment of students.

AI in Finance: AI avails companies in the financial industry to preserve time and money through the utilization of algorithms to engender insights, amend customer accommodation, and make presages about company sales performance and churn.

AI-based chatbots avail banks accommodate customers more efficiently, albeit they aren’t advanced enough to handle support cases autonomously. Powered by natural language processing, bots can heedfully auricularly discern in on agents’ calls, provide precise answers expeditiously, and suggest best practice answers to amend sales efficacy.

Machine Learning is a game-transmuting technology for lenders, lowering compliance and regulatory costs and availing with robust credit scoring and lending applications. Credit decisionmakers can­ use AI for robust credit lending applications to achieve more expeditious, more precise risk assessment, utilizing machine astuteness to factor in the character and capacity of applicants.

AI in Cybersecurity: As cyberattacks grow in volume and involution, artificial intelligence (AI) is availing under-resourced security operations analysts stay ahead of threats. Curating threat perspicacity from millions of research papers, blogs, and news stories, AI provides instant insights to avail you fight through the noise of thousands of daily alerts, drastically abbreviating replication times.

Career in AI

The artificial intelligence sector is in the expeditious track of magnification in India. More number of AI jobs are expected to be engendered soon. There is a growing demand for qualified personnel in the sector. But there are not many institutions in India that offer AI degree programs that prepare students for jobs. Among the many Universities, there are a few which are tied-up with the industry to come up with AI courses in India that pertain to the market. Apart from it, students have the option of enrolling in online/classroom courses for Python with AI and ML.

Opportunities in AI:

Chatbots have been employed by many tech platforms as a supersession for their customer accommodation operations, are the most popular utilization of AI that consumers experience. The AI-based chatbots sanctions companies to target customers more efficaciously and to abbreviate costs. Insights from utilizer demeanor are additionally being used to avail design better products. With the government’s growing interest around AI applications in India, industries have started working to skill their manpower to enable themselves to compete with other global players and Individuals and professionals have started acquiring these skills and are comfortable investing in upgrading their own skills.


As AI is all set to establish a revolution in the business landscape, businesses and consumers are bound to be divided on how expeditiously and eagerly they should adopt and integrate the incipient applications and workflows arising from it. During the initial phases, businesses will require to identify the requisite data, direct training processes, and refine outputs.

As manual jobs get automated, businesses and society will require to rethink adeptness areas and move away from procedural tasks to higher involution strategic ones with a more preponderant fixate on ingeniousness, adaptability, and an outcome-oriented mindset.

Most importantly, business bellwethers and regime ascendant entities should prioritize areas where AI can establish widespread visible and expeditious positive impact. This would require them to decide on whether they should invest in enhancing subsisting processes and workflows to increment efficiency and/or minimize costs or engender alternative business and operating models built around incipient experiences and modes of interactions with humans.

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