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Artificial Intelligence in Sales and Business

AI in sales is to use data analysis algorithms to handle the cognitive work that takes too long or is too data-heavy for people to handle on their own.

Types of AI for sales operations

Natural language processing

You’ve probably interacted with an NLP tool, as this AI technology is already being used to innovate digital assistants, speech-to-text dictation programs, and customer service chatbots.

AI analytics

Businesses typically handle a lot of data and use it for different purposes, so we’ll do a closer look at the various kinds of AI Analytics in the next section.

Smart process automation

SPA recognizes when it needs human intervention in order to take the next step forward. It loops its human counterparts into the process, then uses those human-made decisions to predict solutions for similar circumstances in the future.

Benefits of artificial intelligence in sales

Saves time to prioritize selling

AI relieves sales reps of tedious admin work by automatically tracking communications, appointments, and other core sales activities. Sellers can focus on selling and building relationships with customers instead of manual inputs.

Improves customer engagement

This saves time and makes it possible for them to provide the personalized interactions customers value. AI automatically scores and highlights the healthiest accounts, giving sellers the ability to prioritize leads.

Optimizes pricing

AI also ensures that corporate margins are safeguarded by incorporating pre-approved discount guardrails. AI also can help sellers with upselling and cross-sell recommendations to ensure no money is left on the table and customers get what they need from the start.

Better coaching

it provides individualized training that helps sales rep develop their talent, improve their productivity, and better align sales processes with the customer journey.