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Best Clinical SAS Interview Questions and Answers for you! Sankhyana Consultancy Services

SAS Analytics is a game-changer for Pharma Industry. Today’s pharma industry fails to survive long without leveraging clinical SAS in their clinical trials.

Now, are you gearing up to crack SAS Clinical interview? If the answer is in the affirmative, then you are at the right place.

Here are some very productive questions, which will help you to hone your skills and nurture your talent to become a Clinical SAS Programmer, Clinical Data Manager, Biostatistician, Team Leader, etc.

  1. What the categories in which SDTM classifies the variables

a) by core

b) by role

Ans. CORE :    





         Identifier, Topic , Timing , Qualifier , Rule

  1. Name identifier variables in CM


  1. Diffentiate between SDTM and AdaM datasets

Ans. SDTM is used to standardize the data whereas ADAM is used to Analise the data.

  1. What flags are needed in ADAE?


  1. Role of ADSL dataset

Ans. ADSL datasets in ADAM will give the subject level information which are used  for  subject level analysis of SDTM datasets at the time of  creating the  TLF’s.

  1. How to annotate CRF?

Ans. We can annotate the CRF by considering the blank CRF with the help of SDTM IG.

  1. Syntax of Proc Format

Ans. Proc format ;

         Value  $ fmtname

                       Range1 = “label1”

                       Range2 = “label2”

                       Range3 = “label3”;

         Sas statements …..;


  1. How do you refer a permanent format?

Ans. By specifying the libref in the proc format statement.

  1. Where do we use nlevels option? What does it do?

       Ans . We will use nlevels option in proc freq procedure to find out the no.of levels  under one particular variable.

  1. What is the use of the STOP statement?

      Ans. A STOP statement is used to control the continuous looping in the SET statement.

  1. How to get just the frequency counts in result output?

Ans. We can get by only the count's info by adding a NOPERCENT option in proc freq.

  1. What does nway option do in Proc Means?

Ans. NWAY option in proc means procedure will give the highest  _TYPE_ value in the output dataset.

  1. Explain data step in SAS

       Ans. The Data step creates a SAS dataset that carries the data along with a “data dictionary.” The data dictionary holds information about the variables and their properties.

  1. What does proc contents do?

Ans. It is used to display the descriptor portion of the sas dataset.

  1. How is validation done for tables and listings? What Procedure is used?

       Ans. We can do validation by using proc compare to compare between two tables.

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