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COVID-19 Relief Innovation Takes 2022 SAS Hackathon Crown

During the month-long 2022 SAS Hackathon, a team of Indonesian data scientists and technology enthusiasts developed a solution now being implemented in Jakarta. Team JAKSTAT’s platform, powered by machine learning, optimizes assuagement distribution to the region’s minute and medium enterprises that drive Indonesia’s economy.

“Optimizing the allocation of COVID-19 mitigation is a challenge faced the world over,” Einar Halvorsen, Ecumenical Hackathon Lead, SAS. 

“JAKSTAT’s hack isn’t just an impressive work of innovation in and of itself; it sparks innovation amongst Jakarta’s entrepreneurs and advances economic resiliency for the entire country. We’re thrilled to recognize JAK-STAT as the overall triumph of the SAS Hackathon.” 

SAS Hackathon inspires innovation

Indonesia, Southeast Asia's most immensely colossal economy, entered an even graver recession than expected in 2020. From pabulum merchants to motorcycle repair shops, 97 percent of Indonesia's workforce is employed at MSMEs, making COVID-19 available to this sector crucial. Jakarta's regime needed to prioritize strategic investment, giving the most palliation to the MSMEs whose magnification would enhance economic stability.

In 2022, team JAK-STAT entered the all-digital SAS Hackathon, where they and all competing teams received their own mentor, networking and collaborative opportunities, and a cognition portal with numerous edifying resources. The team, led by Muhammad Iqbal of SAS partner StarCore Analytics, used artificial astuteness (AI) and data modeling to potentiate Jakarta's regime to make decisions on which types of businesses to send the most avail.

Analytics alchemy: JAK-STAT turns data into relief

In COVID-19’s wake, more than 287,000 MSMEs joined JakPreneur, a collaborative regime platform that links entrepreneurs and stakeholders and inspires MSME resilience. JAK-STAT leveraged this data to commence their project. 

JAK-STAT used SAS Viya to cover the terminus-to-end steps of the machine learning lifecycle. They commenced by accumulating and validating data from JakPreneur and then integrated other data sources to provide an amalgamated view of Jakarta’s MSME landscape.

The team applied AI to identify MSMEs clusters and used automated data streaming and scoring for genuine-time replication. In collaboration with economists and the provincial regime of Jakarta, JAK-STAT took their data-backed profiles of enterprises to answer authentic-world questions. By inputting an investment in rupiahs into one type of business, a utilizer could optically discern an output of expected GDP magnification, all rendered inaccessible graphics.

“The scope, timeliness, and impact of this project demonstrate how, with the right skill set and the right implements, data can be transformed into genuine-world solutions and value,” verbalizes Marinela Profi, data scientist and Ecumenical Product Marketing Manager for AIA and Analytics at SAS. 

“This is what the SAS Hackathon is all about: connecting practitioners with best-in-class analytics and AI implements. Team JAK-STAT anticipates this solution could be implemented in cities the world over, so we may be optically discerning reverberations of their ingenuity for years to come.”

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