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Data Science Training in Bangalore - Sankhyana Consultancy Services

“Data” has always been the needed output as well as a pain area when dealing with lots of it. It’s for this very reason that it is also one focus area to develop for software developers. Due to the growth in the potential of the Internet of Things or IoT as it is commonly called, we now have more data output and information from everyday sources than we ever imagined. To break this data down and to make it more coherent for analysis, Data Science came into play.

This data are known as “Big Data” is the result of endless flow of data through sources like digital media (/social media), e-commerce websites, commercial-use information such as shopping trends, and much more. To get relevant data from myriad sources and informs to suit individual analytical requirements, it is pertinent to break it down in structured data types.

Data Science: Data Science, simply put, is an amalgamation of algorithms, tools, processes, machine-learning methods to extract what is necessary and relevant to the customer’s needs. The term was officially coined a little over a decade back in 2008 when scientists and researchers emphasized the need to analyze structured and unstructured data.

Data Science Life Cycle: Data Discovery – The first step like any other software project is accumulating and extracting data from all sources. At this step, we also need to take stock of the required workforce, technical tools, and milestones to achieve the business goal Data Maintain – At the second step, data scientists condition the data by performing the “extract, transform, load, transform” method and prepare the sandbox for testing. Scientists use R to connect the variables and to visualize the raw data Data Process – the Third step is to mine the data and segregate it into structured as well as unstructured data. Data Modeling is done to convert data into a common format. This step uses the EDA or Exploratory Data Analytics tool to finalize the algorithms Data Analyze – Predictive Analysis, test mining, regression testing, and qualitative analysis is what this stage is all about. Scientists use various tools like Matlab, SAS Enterprise Miner, Statistica, SPCS Modeler among many others for data building Communication – Finally, you report the findings and the analytics to the stakeholders. Business Intelligence reporting and evaluations are other key component results of this stage

Role of Data Scientist: One of the most sought-after professionals today, Data scientists play a pivotal role in organizations. They are looked up as data-oriented experts with a technical bent of mind and are well versed with statistical tools and programming languages. They are also industry experts with vast domain knowledge and exceptional communication skills to liaise with the client to gather necessary information and to relay all project-related information accurately.

Sankhyana Consultancy Services is an analytics firm that can help you reach your goal of becoming the best Data Scientist in the industry. With the best of analytics experts on board, the firm uses state-of-the-art training tools to help students gain an edge in this industry.