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Federal Bank uses SAS Analytics for Its Customer Satisfaction

Federal Bank is using SAS Data Quality to meet the needs of customers and manage operational and credit risk of its 8 million customers. Federal Bank is a major Indian commercial bank in the private sector, having more than a thousand branches and ATMs spread across different states in India.

Johnson. K. Jose (Deputy General Manager and Head of IT), Speaking that they are looking for SAS as an investment rather than looking as cost-benefit analysis. SAS provides Federal Bank with flexibility in several areas within the bank’s IT operations. He also speaks that growing forward SAS will be a platform into which they have made the investment to create flexibility for the IT department, to provide information without the help of the external went. SAS provides a platform where all information is collected at the centre point and it has been automated in such a way that, no manual individual is required for sending this information to other institutions.  

Federal Bank is using SAS to enhance data management within the bank. SAS was looked at as for developing a data solution and it has branch devout to multiple different activities because of its capabilities, but when it comes to data management SAS has been the platform and will be the platform going forward for any kind of data management. 

Federal Bank selected the SAS Data Quality solution as a component of the more lager SAS technology and risk solution offerings to ameliorate the caliber of compliance and quality of its customer data. The Federal Bank IT team undertook the project of deduplication and cleansing of its customer database and implemented a process through a set of custom data quality business rules in order to avert future customer duplicity, data inconsistencies and to maintain a single customer view. Utilizing SAS data quality solution, the bank’s IT department implemented the entire process on their own. “We could consummate the initial rollout in less than 2 months of time, and it is very facile to incorporate the vicissitudes on a perpetual basis,” says Aneesh. Aneesh further expounds “through SAS, setting incipient rules or modifying subsisting ones is very facile as it is all done through an interactive GUI and it is expeditious to engendered.”

SAS is helping the Federal Bank better address and the number of regulatory needs and requirements. Federal Bank is using SAS to better understand and serve the bank customer. SAS provided Federal Bank a platform where they could collect the information’s and they could identify that who are their better customers with whom they are doing a profitable business and who are their customers who exacting money from them. So, this helped them to be more competitive within the environment, and within the market. SAS also provides the window for the branch managers to investigate customers' activity within the bank. SAS is helping the federal bank better address and number of regulatory needs and requirements.

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