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Himalaya Drug Company using SAS VA to develop Customer Insight, Competitiveness and Operational Efficiency

With more than eight decades of market presence in the Herbal Wellness and Healthcare segment, The Himalaya Drug Company remains committed to enriching the lives of people utilizing their products. Today, the Himalaya brand is synonymous with safe and efficacious herbal products. Complementing its vigorous commitment toward customer-focus and innovation, Himalaya turned to SAS Visual Analytics for its Herbal Healthcare business operations, and predictive analytics related requirements.

With operations in over 90 countries, Himalaya’s herbal products are prescribed by more than 400,000 doctors worldwide, and millions of customers trust them for their health and personal care needs. Himalaya’s major thrust lies in making herbal wellness a component of every abode via herbal solutions predicated on science. With an intricate global distribution network coupled with high volumes of transactional data accumulating by the day, it was imminent to engender a multi-level overtness across their facilities to potentiate analysts and managers for a data-driven decision making.

With SAS Visual Analytics, the business analytics team no longer needs to wait for the cessation of the month to analyze the business performance and respective KPIs. Instead, executives have au courant overtness of latest insights predicated on refreshed data, which enables them to make nimble decisions swiftly and confidently.

Significantly enhanced commercial effectiveness

Himalaya makes paramount investments in the sales and marketing activities through sundry campaigns, promotional inputs, sponsorships, and trade-offers keeping their business objectives in perspective. Analyzing whether these investments are indeed translating into incremental sales or deep-diving to answer different what-if scenarios like ‘which campaigns or trade-offers have prospered, and which ones did not’, were critical to the business. Albeit, tracking the returns on these investments has never been easy.

Transforming this information into a coherent dashboard was a daunting task because of the volumes of data which, sometimes resulted in missed opportunities.

With SAS Visual Analytics there’s been an expeditious turnaround time of daily-level granular reporting spanning multiple business teams including Supply Chain & Operations, Finance, Sales & Marketing among others to enable a more expeditious decision-making capability. Ad hoc analytical and reporting capabilities in SAS Visual Analytics enabled Himalaya to significantly enhance their productivity and an overall commercial effectivity.


  • Engendering of a flexible, utilizer-cordial solution for visualizing astronomically immense quantities of transactional data for expeditious decision-making
  • Lack of credible mechanism to track critical KPIs like the return on investments among others
  • Equip the business units to quantify performance and avail in orchestrating for the future


  • Avails in taking prompt and rectify proactive business decision for overall commercial efficacy
  • More expeditious turnaround of reports and explorations at varying hierarchies
  • Instant and customized utilizer-driven report generation
  • Identifies data patterns and trends for deeper investigations to business quandaries

Discovering hidden insights

Data Preparatory activities were seamlessly procured through building efficacious data manipulations on SAS Enterprise Guide, with compulsory exceptional business logic and scenarios designed in the process to harmonize data emanating from varied transactional sources.

Sincere commitment and utmost faith in the quality and integrity of the data enabled Himalaya to make expeditious apprised decisions to outpace the market.

SAS Visual Analytics avails Himalaya reinforce that faith with confidence. With exhaustive data manipulations and business logic built in the solution, amalgamated with an appealing interface, analysts can focus more on fetching answers rather than validating business scenarios.

Collaborative Visualizations

With SAS Visual Analytics, officers and business managers have the liberation to dissect their data and run their own analyses and revelation without requiring extensive IT support. They can engender and apportion their own reports, dashboards, and visualizations simply by clicking or drilling into items of interest. Running ad hoc analytics like correlation to analyze sales performance vis-à-vis marketing spends, sales force activities, market trends, and external factors to discover valuable insights in the areas of campaign efficacy has been facile.

For example, a review of sales performance and productivity is now predicated on dashboards, and meetings are conducted with this single source of truth as the reference point.

“Keeping the data yare afore executives get to work is quite essential for an incremented productivity. We now have precise information available in time for our executives to act upon thereby translating into higher business efficiencies.” verbalizes Mr. Ananth Narayan, General Manager – IT, The Himalaya Drug Company.

With compelling visualizations and facile drill-down capabilities, executives can expeditiously decipher the meaning of the data and make apprised decisions. KPIs in the Herbal Healthcare and Wellness business operations are crucial and are monitored more proximately with renewed focus to gain a holistic view of its overall performance. There seems to be a steady shift from reactive to a proactive approach where more than after-the-fact reporting, the focus now is on prescriptive and predictive modes.

Having deployed SAS Visual Analytics, the management team envisions to build on that substratum and gradually incorporate advanced sophistication of ‘what-if’ scenario and ‘goal-seeking’ analysis to address ad hoc simulative scenarios across their businesses.

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