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How Data Analytics Can Improve Education in India

For a developing nation like India, extreme fixate on its inculcation sector is one of the ways to expeditious-track its development. In current times, data analytics has been an emerging process in virtually all sectors ecumenical, such as corporate accommodations, businesses, the inculcation sector, the public sector, regime agencies, etc.


This data pristinely remained in an unorganized form with less overtness and dubiousness in its efficacious utilization. However, data analytics has inspirited the prosperous analysis and depiction of data leading to the optimum utilization of resources.

What is Data Analytics? 

It is a process involving the analysis and processing of minuscule or astronomically immense amplitudes of intricate or varied data by designates of scientific or research-predicated principles, theories, or hypotheses. The data analytics-oriented techniques are extensively utilized in commercial industries to potentiate the sundry organizations or business owners to take better-apprised decisions in the interest of the business.

Data Analytics in The Inculcation Sector In India

 Due to data analytics, the magnification and development of the ecumenical edification sector are expected to be cyclopean. The field of data analytics has sizably voluminous potential and advantages to offer in inculcation. Over the past many decenniums, most schools or scholastic institutions have conventionally followed the process of inculcation, examination, and promotion or demotion of students on a group level substratum. However, if these traditional criteria and standards need to be customized as per the desiderata of each student, then data and analytics may be the most utilizable implement. The only condition is the availability of adequate data to analyze patterns or to quantify an individual student’s caliber in one or more tasks.

These activities could be monitored daily or on a conventional substructure to understand the student’s performance and then be acclimated to strategize ways to amend it by categorical operational decisions in the interest of the student’s magnification. The acquired data could further avail determine the student’s overall performance, academically as well as on extracurricular parameters.

Advantages of Data Analytics for Students

  • Enhancing Individual Performance: Data and analytics could determine how students fare in academia or how active they are in cultural or sports-cognate activities or how good their attendance patterns are. The conclusion drawn through the analysis of such data could ineluctably avail the school prognosticates and capitalize on the best performing individuals, both in the academic, sports, or arts-cognate fields. Concurrently, it could avail deduce the erraticism in the performance of average students or those who are subpar and accordingly take the right decision, e.g., to ameliorate their performance by engendering a propitious learning environment. 
  • Minimization In Dropout Students: The overall ameliorated performance of a student would automatically establish a truncation in the dropout ratio. 
  • Customization Of Courses: Data analytics would fortify in customizing sundry courses for students with reference to their skills or aptitude. 
  • Reconstitute Learning Styles: Due to data analytics, students will be able to opt for more and better options for edification and could conveniently manage classroom or e-learning through the Internet. 
  • Mutual Benefit: Schools or colleges could utilize data analytics to enroll the batches of students and ergo, plan the arrangement of resources as per the findings of the analysis. Similarly, data analytics could avail students to screen and shortlist colleges that may be the best as per their profile or requirements. 
  • Ecumenical Jobs: The predictive analysis results would highlight the consistent achievers suited and alacritous for ecumenical jobs.

    Is India ready For Data Analytics?

     The current Minister for Electronics, and Information Technology (Meaty) in India, we are already on the road to becoming an astronomically immense data analytical center! India is not only ready but withal well equipped for data and analytics. Most Indian companies have adopted data analytics technologies and processes to enhance overall customer contentment and operational excellence. According to Jeff Olson, Head of Astronomically immense Data and Analytics, Oracle APAC, “India is the bellwether in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) edification; so, the companies are well prepared with the staff and the kind of aptitude needed to leverage Sizably Voluminous Data and Analytics. There is a plethora of opportunities that the country still needs to explore to make value out of Sizably voluminous Data!” According to a survey, around 42-43% of businesses in India have prosperously implemented Cloud strategies, and many other Indian firms with around 65-70% of their applications on Cloud are already outperforming their ecumenical competitors. India is endeavoring its best to stay in pace with many developed nations in data analytics. Substantial utilization of data analytics in India in the recent past and present situation has ascertained its potential to categorically transmute the employment, technology, business, and revenue status