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How IQVIA India is helping Pharmaceutical companies worldwide in improving the efficiency of drug launches using SAS?

IQVIA is an American multinational company accommodating the cumulated industries of health information technologies and clinical research. It is a provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing accommodations. With a network of more than 50,000 employees in approximately 100 countries, it is one of the world’s largest contract research organizations.

The Analytics Solution practice at IQVIA India works with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers to develop commercialization plans and portfolio strategies, to cull patient and medico populations for concrete therapies, and to quantify the efficacy of pharmaceutical marketing and sales resources.

IQVIA avails companies in efficacious product lifecycle management right from product launch to loss of exclusivity. With SAS Analytics and Modelling in place, IQVIA fixates on incrementing the product’s competitive differentiation and amending the product’s overall market performance while streamlining operations by optimizing costs and incrementing efficiencies.

Advanced Analytics in Life-Sciences

In an increasingly competitive market, healthcare companies are now expected to increment clinical tribulation design and execution, demonstrate the value of medicine, and quantify outcomes that distribute higher commercial results. Advanced analytics, categorically predictive modeling, and optimization, can avail companies target their resources in areas with the highest potential return.

Predictive Analytics can integrate value throughout the product lifecycle. It can expedite drug revelation and understanding disease pathology through the identification of lead compounds and mutations. It can expedite clinical tribulation designs and replication through the identification of factors for treatment replication and disease progression along with the identification of patient recruits for tribulations. Post product launch, it enhances product uptake through treatment efficacy, patient targeting, treatment replication profiling, and risk stratification for disease progression.


  • Harnessing huge volumes of data for precision and efficiency in pharmaceutical product commercialization.
  • Providing trustworthy actionable insights to healthcare providers to drive efficacy in their marketing and sales efforts.


  • More expeditious turnaround time for loading massive quantities of data.
  • Enhanced speed and easy access to trustworthy analytics
  • Ameliorated replication time for actionable insights from raw data

While the applications of Advanced Analytics may vary predicated on the IQVIA’s client’s business quandaries, IQVIA trusts SAS for all its analytics needs. The three key reasons being:

Robust Solution:

IQVIA has been utilizing SAS solutions for the last 20 years for a variety of needs, be it data analysis, reporting, data mining, or predictive modelling. One of the key reasons has been the fact that SAS has over 40 years of experience of applying analytics to the toughest business quandaries which make the SAS solution trustworthy and robust.

Accessible and Scalable Analytics:

IQVIA considers Base SAS as an intuitive and easy to utilize programming language. Packaged programs or procedures significantly abbreviate the magnitude of code needed to distribute functionality with simple commands. This enables IQVIA to widely use SAS both in India and ecumenically. SAS/STAT gives the business analysts access to a wide variety of procedures to meet all their statistical needs ranging from variance and correlation to regression.

Easy Data Handling:

Having a SAS Solution ascertains that raw data sets, primarily csv and txt files, ranging from 2 GB to 100 GB in size can be processed expeditiously and effortlessly. Puissant procedures provided by SAS/STAT run predictive models on millions of rows of data in a matter of seconds. Less time spent in data loading, preparation, and coding denotes that business analysts spend more time analyzing the data and providing valuable insights to their clients.


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