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How SAS Data Analytics help Reliance to Optimize Power Inventory?

Reliance’s India’s leading utility company. Reliance core competency includes the generation, transmission, distribution & trading of power. A government mandate requires power companies to accurately forecast distributing power to assure all areas receive fair and equitable service within the region. Stiff penalties and fines are levied if forecasts are wrong.

“You have to focus that how much power you will buy for the next day. This was possible because there is an exchange through which you can buy power instantly. So, therefore you need to know what kind of power I need tomorrow. “– Anup Mandal, Senior Executive VP, Mumbai Business(O&M)"

How SAS Helped Reliance Optimise It Power Inventory: • SAS Demand-driven forecasting & SAS Inventory optimization helped them in forecasting and managing the demand. • Data forecasting accuracy increased to 98.8% after SAS implementation. SAS gave them the ROI reasonably in 6 months to 1 year to provide data-driven decisions. • SAS has got the entire roadmap required for the analytics. Rather than going for the cost of acquisition, one must focus on the cost of ownership. • Open source solutions take care of only the immediate pain points and not of the entire health. So, we needed to look at the business with SAS Analytics.

Why Reliance chooses SAS? • Better capability. • Better Roadmaps • CalableReliable • Cost of Ownership • End to End solutions • Reliance is also looking to use SAS Analytics for cement business on how to optimize the logistics, as logistics cost is more than the manufacturing cost. • The companies must understand the need of the customer, and then they should bring their offerings to fulfill their needs. “– Anup Mandal, Senior Executive VP, Mumbai Business(O&M) • Business depends on decision making, your decision making must be more data-based and the quality of data and analytics helps to make better decisions.

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