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How to Become a Certified SAS Programmer?

A SAS Programmer is a very challenging and a very rewarding job. The SAS (Statistical Analysis System) Programmers, utilize analytical software products to develop data-driven solutions for organizations related to fraud, clinical research, risk management, telecommunications, finance, retail, security, sports, etc.

To Become a SAS Programmer, you need a regular bachelor’s degree (Statistics, Computer Science background preferred). It is also essential that aspirants should have an excellent problem- solving and analytical solving skills and have advanced mathematical abilities, proficiency utilizing SAS Proc SQL, SAS Macro, Unix, Linux, and other SAS programs. It is also very essential to acquire skills in web application tools and Windows programs.

Why Become a SAS Programmer?

Technology goes together well with data: the more we advance in technology, the more data we must manage. To give you an idea about the volume of such data, look no further than Walmart. They collect and manage 2.5 petabytes (10 bytes) of data within an hour of the customer’s transactions. It’s tremendous. Records show that data is growing at a rate of about 59 percent per year globally. Companies required skilled and certified sas programmers to process and analyze their data. SAS programmer is in demand. There are only a few peoples who have the required skills set to become a Certified SAS programmer. This makes SAS Programmer less saturated as compared with other IT sectors. Consequently, SAS Programmer is an astronomically abundant field and has a lot of opportunities. The field of SAS Data Analytics is high in demand but low in supply of SAS Programmers. “Big data analytics sector in India is expected to witness eight-fold growth to reach $16 billion by 2025 from the current level of $2 billion, the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM)”.

Where to learn SAS Skills? To become a Certified SAS Programmer, aspire must have sas certification in their resume. The SAS Certification training Program / SAS Data Manager training program will help you to grab both SAS skill & SAS Programmer’s job. If you are ready to acquire SAS skills, then we are ready to help you to make a career in SAS Programming. Sankhyana Consultancy Services (SAS Authorized Training Partner) can play a vital role to enhance your skills in SAS. Sankhyana Consultancy Services is a premium and best sas training institute in bangalore & our training programs are designed to help you to master's in the Data Analytics domain. Our programs feature instructor-led classroom and real-world projects to ensure you get the hands-on experience and relevant skills.

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