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How to Bridge the Analytics Skills Gap?

According to a LinkedIn report, data analytics & data science has been listed as one of the most promising job sectors in the last few years and the trend seems to continue in the future. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Data Scientists is the best job of the 21st century”. Most of the companies required top analytics skills like SAS (Statistical Analysis System), Python Programming Language, R Programming, ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence), etc. But the reality is companies across the world, not in one company or in one country but all globe is facing a shortage of talent, due to the analytics skills gap. According to the “Fueling India’s Skill Revolution” authored by Accenture in January 2019, India may have to forgo as much as US $1.97 trillion in GDP growth over the next decade, if the country fails to bridge the skills gap.

How to bridge the skills gap?

Upskilling yourself is the best way to bridge the gap. Nowadays, there are many ways to upskill yourself and sharpen your skills. You can join authorized training institute for upskilling, you will get a broad range of industry- relevant courses with classroom and online learning mode. To bridge this gap, Sankhyana Consultancy Services (SAS Authorized Training Partner) can play a vital role to enhance your skills in Analytics career & Data Science tools . Sankhyana Consultancy Services is a premium and best sas training institute in bengalore & we design the course particularly for professionals, corporates as well as academic students who want to build up their careers as SAS professionals. Our all trainers are SAS Accredited and Certified, they are having more than 10 plus years of exposure in the relevant industry. To provide that critical insight in analytics, Data, and big data analytics are the lifeblood of any successful business. Getting the technology right can be challenging but building the right team with the right skills to undertake data initiatives can be even harder — a challenge reflected in the rising demand for big data and analytics skills and SAS certifications. If you're looking to get an edge on a data analytics career, Sankhayna will provide you the right platform from SAS certification to provide all necessary guidance and placement support. This is an on-demand course designed for actuaries to improve your technical skills.

Why Analytics? Today, there is hardly any industry, established or growing that does not opt for data-driven decision making. Be it healthcare, telecom, sports, e-commerce, finance or government, and across functions like HR, management, operations, sales, and marketing, Analytics does play an eminent role. Whatever a person’s past industry or functional experience, analytics skills can be one good addition to existing skills. For example, a person who has worked in the banking sector can learn about financial analytics, while one who carries retail experience can learn how analytics works in marketing and e-commerce, IT professionals can get into Big Data Processing and analytics, where the requirement is usually of strong IT and programming skills in addition to data crunching knowledge.

The skills gap will only bridge by Upskilling with the latest tools and technology. They should learn, how Analytics will be the key player for bringing competitive advantage to their organizations.

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