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Maharashtra Government Uses SAS To Serve Their 120 Million Citizens

Analytics has been used to help solve problems faced by countries in their day to day scenarios. SAS being the prominent one is been used widely because of its different modules that can be modeled and integrate in the way the user requires it. 

Here is another example of how SAS has helped the Government of Maharashtra to serve their 120 million citizens:

India is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing countries. The population is estimated to be 1.30 billion. Maharashtra, the second largest province, which has 120 million people. Keeping track of this growing population has been a challenge. There are records, such as health-related databases, and voter list databases, but never a consolidated database for the entire population. So, the government formed a program called the UID i.e., Unique Id for every citizen.

“Across the country, we have captured around 500 million people’s biometrics which now makes it much bigger than any other biometric database in the world. – Rajesh Aggarwal, Principal Secretary-It Govt. of Maharashtra. " The govt. of Maharashtra is setting up a whole ecosystem around the UID Initiative. They want to use the database to send subsidy funds to qualified citizens via direct deposit. The biometric-based UID database reduces the chance of fraud and error. “If you link biometric system with it, which is basically fingerprint, iris and face apart from your demographic data. This really trims down this list by 20% - 30%. “

So, the Govt. of Maharashtra turned to SAS for data management solutions. " That is where products like SAS really comes in handy, we have been playing around with big databases and that is where we found as a product especially in the duplications of the names along with the addresses, etc. We have seen some cases where somebody pretends to work in two different districts his entire life and nobody caught it out. Now when we are moving towards centralized databases, obviously it is easier to catch this.” The project is a success at several levels, the savings are significant, but the impact also filled the individual level for the citizens of Maharashtra.

Challenges faced by Govt. of Maharashtra where:

  • 30-40 variations of names
  • 20 different spellings for the same village name

With the emergence of mobile devices and a need for a more hands-on approach to analytics for decision-makers. The govt. of Maharashtra is looking at SAS Visual Analytics as a solution. The teams from Maharashtra and SAS have worked closely together and formed a Strategic Partnership.

SAS is one of the most robust for data analysis and statistical Modeling. It is used for data management, data collection, data extraction, data mining, data exploration, report writing, statistical analysis, business modeling, application development, and data warehousing, data integration, data visualization, building predictive models, etc. SAS is an asset in many job markets as it holds the largest market share in terms of jobs in the advanced analytics field. It is used across all sectors.

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