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Python Programming Language: Best resource for Data Scientists

According to KDnuggets studies, Python is the preferred programming language for data scientists. They require a facile-to-use language that has decent library availability and great community participation. Projects that have dormant communities are conventionally less liable to maintain or update their platforms, which is not the case with Python.

Why Python is the best?

Python has long been kenned as a simple programming language to pick up, from a syntax perspective. Python withal has an active community with a vast selection of libraries and resources.

Professionals working with data science applications don’t want to be bogged down with perplexed programming requisites. They want to utilize programming language like Python to perform tasks hassle-free. Python additionally enables developers to roll out programs and get prototypes running, making the development process much more expeditious.

Newer data scientists gravitate toward Python because of its ease of avail, which makes it accessible. So popular in fact, a staggering 48 percent of data scientists with five or fewer years’ experience rated Python their preferred programming language.

Why is python preferred over other data science tools?

Python is an open-source, interpreted, high caliber language and provides a great approach for object-oriented programming. It is one of the best languages utilized by data scientists for sundry data science projects/applications. Python provides great functionality to deal with mathematics, statistics, and scientific function. It provides great libraries to deals with data science applications.

Easy to learn: The most alluring factor of Python is that anyone aspiring to learn this language can learn it facilely and expeditiously. When compared to other data science languages like R, Python promotes a shorter learning curve and scores over others by promoting a facile-to-understand syntax.

Scalability: When compared to other languages like R, Python has established a lead by emerging as a scalable language, and it is more expeditious than other languages like Matlab and Stata. Python’s scalability lies in the flexibility that it gives to solve quandaries, as in the case of YouTube that migrated to Python. Python has come good for different usages in different industries and for expeditious development of applications of all kinds.

Graphics and Visualizations: Python comes with varied visualization options. Matplotlib provides the solid substratum around which other libraries like Seaborn, pandas plotting, and ggplot have been built. The visualization packages avail you get a good sense of data, engender charts, graphical plot, and engender web-yare interactive plots.

Open Source: Python is open-source, which denotes it’s free and utilizes a community-predicated model for development. Python is designed to run on Windows and Linux environments. Additionally, it can facilely be ported to multiple platforms.  There are many open-source Python libraries such as Data manipulation, Data Visualization, Statistics, Mathematics, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing, to designate just a few (though visually perceive below for more about this).

Flexible: Python not only lets you engender software but also enables you to deal with the analysis, computing of numeric and logical data, and web development.

Indeed, Python has additionally become ubiquitous on the web, controlling sundry prominent websites with Web development frameworks like TurboGears, Django, and Tornado. It is impeccable for developers who have the aptitude for application and web development. No astronomically immense surprise, most Data Scientists favor this to the next programming alternatives available in the market.


Python in Data science has potentiated the data scientists to accomplish more in less time. Python is an adaptable programming language that can be efficaciously understood and is exceptionally astounding as well.

Python is highly adaptable and can work in any environment efficaciously. Additionally, with negligible changes, it can run on any operating system and can be integrated with other programming languages. These qualities have settled on Python the top cull for developers & data scientists.

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