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Python: The best programming language for Data Analysis and Data Science

Python is one of the most popular open-source languages and designed for providing the best approach for object-oriented programming. Python provides first-class libraries to deal with data analysis or any modern data science application as efficiently as possible.

Python for Data Science

Python is an easy-to-learn, human-readable programming language that you can utilize for advanced data munging, analysis, and visualization. You can install it and set it up incredibly facilely, and you can more facilely learn Python than the R programming language. Python runs on Mac, Windows, and UNIX.

Python offers a very utilizer-amicable coding interface for people who don’t like coding from the command line. If you download and install the Anaconda Python distribution, you get your IPython/Jupyter environment, as well as NumPy, SciPy, MatPlotLib, Pandas, and scikit-learn libraries (among others) that you’ll likely need in your data sense-making procedures.

The base NumPy package is the rudimental facilitator for scientific computing in Python. It provides containers/array structures that you can utilize to do computations with both vectors and matrices (like in R). SciPy and Pandas are the Python libraries that are most commonly utilized for scientific and technical computing. They offer tons of mathematical algorithms that are simply not available in other Python libraries. Popular functionalities include linear algebra, matrix math, sparse matrix functionalities, statistics, and data munging. MatPlotLib is Python’s premier data visualization library.


Python for Data Analysis

Python is a simple programming language and includes an active community with an immensely colossal amassment of resources and libraries.

Python is utilizer-convivial when it comes to analytical and quantitative computing. Python is being utilized in different fields like finance, signal processing, and oil and gas.

Data analysts and scientists use Python and it is a flexible and open-sourced language. They are taking advantage of the massive libraries for data manipulation being an independent platform.

Why is Python preferred over other Data Science tools for Data Analysis and Data Science?

  • Easy to learn: The most alluring factor of Python is that anyone aspiring to learn this language can learn it facilely and expeditiously. When compared to other data science languages like R, Python promotes a shorter learning curve and scores over others by promoting a facile-to-understand syntax.
  • Powerful and Easy to Use: Students and researchers with basic knowledge can utilize Python and commence working on the platform. So, python for data science is a great amalgamation. This is because of the utilizer-amicable nature of this puissant programming language Python. The time required for the code implementation in Python is less than other programming languages like Java and C#.
  • Scalability: As compared to other programming languages like Java and R, Python has proved itself as a highly scalable and more expeditious language. It provides flexibility to solve quandaries that can’t be solved utilizing other programming languages. Many businesses utilize it to develop expeditious applications and implements of all kinds.
  • Python Community: One of the reasons for the phenomenal ascension of Python is attributed to its ecosystem. As Python elongates its reach to the data science community, more and more volunteers are engendering data science libraries. This, in turn, has led the way for engendering the most modern implements and processing in Python. The widespread and involved community promotes facile access for aspirants who want to find solutions to their coding quandaries. Whatever queries you require; it is a click or a Google search away. Enthusiasts can additionally find access to professionals on Codementor and Stack Overflow to find the right answers for their queries.
  • Open-Source: Python is open-source and available online at no cost. This language utilizes the community-predicated model for the development of purport. This language is designed to run on both Linux and Windows environments and be ported to sundry platforms
  • Popularity: Python is a widely accepted data science programming language and more popular than C++ and Java in the data science community. Statisticians, mathematicians, physicists and other professionals use Python as efficiently as possible.
  • Visualization and Graphics: There are varied visualization options available on Python. Its library Matplotlib provides a vigorous substratum around which other libraries like ggplot, pandas plotting, pytorch, and others are built. These packages avail to engender charts, web-yare plots, graphical layouts, etc.


Python is one of the most easy-to-learn languages, simple in utilization, with an excellent pack of features provided. Though Python is an open-source language, it remains well-fortified by a huge community. All that makes Python perfect for neophytes in the programming. In the integration of that, Python is scalable and flexible enough to be applied in different fields and for various purposes.

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