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Quarantined? India Let’s Ready to Upskill in Data Analytics Field with Sankhyana

Covid-19 has affected more than 190 countries including India. Complete India has locked down, due to covid-19 and everyone is sitting inert in their homes. This will be a great opportunity for those who want to upskill themselves during this lockdown with the best and most used data analysis tool SAS. Sankhyana Consultancy Services (SAS Authorized Training Partner) is launching new online/live- web sessions, now enjoy a classroom experience of learning from anywhere from your laptop/desktop.

In today's data-driven world, companies are looking for professionals with data- analysis skills and companies are giving attention/hike only for those, who are having most supplicated skills. A globally recognized SAS Certification can help both professionals & students, gain new skills, get noticed by hiring companies and salary hike. A SAS certification badge in your resume tells your potential and importance.

Nowadays, companies create and consume more data than ever before, usually in real-time. However, making sense of all the data is an arduous task. Companies leverage Data Analytics to gain business insights, reach customers and improve products. Here's your chance to learn SAS Data Analytics and the skills that can set you ahead of your competition.

How learning SAS Data Analytics is beneficial for you?

  • Applying Analytics in different domains

Everyone may have their own preference for the work domain. However, Analytics can be applied in every domain, be it Banking or Finance, Marketing, E-commerce, Retail or Human Resource. So, one can choose any domain and apply the skills set required for analytics.

  • Financial Reward

The pay scale though varies based on location and company; the average salary of a Data Analyst in India is more than any finance, marketing or IT professionals with the same years of experience.

  • Meeting the skill gap

There’s a supply-demand gap in the field of Analytics where though it is considered as the best job, the desire/demand for the required skills are going up steadily and there are still many unfilled jobs due to the shortage of the required skills. So, the opportunity in this field is very high.

  • Better decision maker

Data Analytics is known as a Matrix of better decision making where here one can make the data actionable. Gaining deeper insights will help to draw better conclusions and hence decision making will become more powerful and accurate. Analytics is considered a bridge to the right insights.

  • Challenging work environment

One may get an opportunity to use his/her skill set in unique ways for problem-solving. Every time the project will be different where understanding the business problem is very crucial. So here the main goal is to review the business goals that support the main strategies of the company.

  • Healthy work-life Balance

As the demand for Data Analysts is too high, Companies providing analytics jobs offer the benefits of flexible working hours to a potential employee and hence people getting hired for these jobs to enjoy a perfect and healthy work-life balance. Especially good for working women.

  • Higher potential for career growth

With the vast use of electronic devices and digitalized production processes, the size of the data that is generated on a daily basis is immense. As the data volume is increasing the opportunity to exploit the data also increases. Nine out of ten global business leaders in a survey claimed that data had become a ‘new factor of production’, as important as the other physical assets such as labor and capital.

Join Sankhyana’s online/live - web sessions and start learning from industry experts today. The sessions will start from 5th April’20 & 20th April’20.

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