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SAS Analytics: Discovering the possibilities in Pharma

SAS Analytics is playing a very critical role in helping the health and life- sciences industries evolve to meet the needs of the future. Combining and analyzing genomic, medical, and environmental data sources are sanctioning health care providers to get a more consummate picture of a patient’s health, the risk for disease, and lifestyle and circumstances so that they can recommend the right interventions at the right time.

Clinical Research Analytics

As the market leader in clinical research analytics, SAS provides a secure analytics substructure and scalable framework for clinical analysis and submission. SAS robust analytic implements and techniques, including AI and machine learning, avail to gain a competitive edge in the high-stakes world of clinical research analytics – from getting tribulations up and running, to modernizing tribulation designs, to distributing life-transmuting therapies to market more expeditious and more efficiently. SAS withal provides the leading platform for data transparency, sanctioning you to securely share historical tribulation data with third-party researchers for the betterment of medicine.

Why SAS for Clinical Research Analytics?

SAS is the standard for clinical research analytics in the life sciences industry, helping you maximize value and reduce risks.

  • Gain Higher Risk: Adopt a single integrated platform for clinical analysis and submission, sanctioning your team to fixate on insights and drive results. A wealth of technologies provides scalability, visualization, and submission-grade statistics for understanding clinical tribulation results more expeditious and detecting potential issues sooner.
  • Mitigate Risk: Reduce risk with a centralized repository that meets all security requisites with auditable actions, traceability, and repeatability. Distribute data to regulators utilizing built-in CDISC standards. Decrement downtime with all-in hosted solutions. And provide technical support for all your ecumenical teams and collaborators.
  • Increase Efficiency: Improve performance with mature, standards-driven processes. Streamline data and analytics building blocks for maximum reuse. 

Real-World Evidence

SAS avails you efficaciously leverage authentic world evidence at every stage of the product life cycle – from finding incipient areas for revelation to developing drugs and therapies more efficiently to better understanding product and drug safety, efficacy, adherence, and economic and societal value. Stay competitive and get preponderant, safer therapies to market more expeditious. Navigate the challenges of managing and analyzing astronomical amplitudes of clinical data from disparate sources. Foster collaboration. And respond expeditiously to regulatory inquiries.

Why SAS Analytics for Real-World Evidence?

SAS has all the requisites for a robust genuine world evidence platform – data integration and data management; an interactive, near-genuine-time patient cohort engenderer; and embedded machine learning and AI. SAS fortifies authentic world evidence with SAS Health.

  • Easily integrate real-world data from multiple sources & vendors: Access, manage, and transform authentic world data to a prevalent, standardized format, in a repeatable and transparent way.
  • Automate the mundane: Enable more people within your organization to interact with genuine world data and benefit from insights utilizing an intuitive, interactive interface.
  • Rapidly surface summary results: Utilize advanced analytics, AI, machine learning, and interactive visualization implements to surface summary results and intricate analytics expeditiously.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

SAS delivers a range of analytics capabilities to ameliorate your pharmaceutical manufacturing performance so you can distribute safe, efficacious drugs, and other therapies to patients with more preponderant efficiency and confidence. With SAS, you can ameliorate quality, throughput, and equipment performance, as well as derive insights from the supply chain to avail you ameliorate demand forecasting.

Why SAS Analytics for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

Only SAS provides the robust analytic implements and life sciences industry expertise to avail you optimize pharmaceutical manufacturing performance while keeping safety and quality top of mind.

  • Adopt a GMP-compliant environment: Only SAS distributes an integrated analytics platform in a GMP-compliant environment for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Rely on the leader in analytics: SAS is a trusted leader in analytics with more than 40 years’ experience in the life sciences industry and a wealth of manufacturing expertise.
  • Ensure seamless data integration: SAS sanctions you to peregrinate from batch data to real-time data processing seamlessly and efficiently.

Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics

SAS avails you leverage insights from machine learning, AI, and advanced forecasting and optimization to gain a competitive edge and secure the prosperity of your product portfolios now and far into the future. Our genuine world evidence capabilities provide you with incipient commercial insights to further invigorate your market strategy.

Why SAS Analytics for pharmaceutical commercial analytics

SAS provides potent analytic solutions and deep life sciences industry expertise to appraise your commercial strategy and support your product portfolio in the post-approbation landscape.

  • Using cutting-edge analytics: Optimize your commercialization strategies – from pricing to competitive situating, to sales and marketing utilization – utilizing a wealth of advanced analytic solutions.
  • Adopt an end-to-end platform: Orchestrate your analytics journey – from data to revelation to deployment – with our robust, integrated platform.
  • Operationalize analytics: Capitalize on the unparalleled flexibility of the SAS Platform and our industry solutions to integrate with open source, leverage the cloud, and peregrinate from insights to tangible results.

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