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SAS Drug Development sets the standard for clinical trials information management and analysis

India is moving from a generic bulk drug manufacturer to one of the key players in the clinical research industry. Clinical trial analysis and report submission using SAS software are one of the key activities carried out as part of the clinical research. Due to the high availability of skilled resources, innovative capacity, and reduced costs this particular segment of resources is highly recognized and more work is being outsourced[.

Bringing new therapies to market is extraordinarily complex, with clinical trials data scattered among different systems throughout life sciences research organizations and new data arriving almost continuously from electronic data capture (EDC) vendors, contract research organizations (CROs), and other research partners.

At the same time, costs are escalating, budgets are tightening and the pressure from regulatory agencies, shareholders, and consumers has never been greater. It is imperative that life sciences executives make intelligent decisions quickly and efficiently, and they can only do so if they have the utmost confidence in their clinical, data management, and biostatistical information and processes. How can life sciences companies fully integrate and analyze their research for regulatory submission, and identify new market opportunities and product line extensions -- all while addressing potential safety issues more efficiently and effectively.

Solvay Pharmaceuticals uses SAS Drug Development to eliminate the geographic boundaries separating its data and to make the information available to anyone who needs it. This data is generated through internal sources and from outsourced clinical trials, and it all must be stored in a way that complies with stringent regulations placed on electronic data systems by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).To meet these challenges, Solvay Pharmaceuticals uses SAS Drug Development as the platform for providing global, secure access to the clinical information used by about 100 researchers worldwide working in a variety of areas, including data management, statistics, and clinical and medical review.