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SAS in HDFC Bank

HDFC bank, the 2nd largest private bank in India is one of the 1st new generation tech-savvy commercial bank. The bank's mission is to be a world-class Indian Bank. HDFC Bank is using SAS to both sound customer franchises across the distinct business, so is to be preferred provider of banking services for target retail, then home sale customer segments.

“Our vision and our commitment to the consumer in the country is to be the best international Domestic Bank. Today more than 65% of transactions that our customers do with us, is on the self-paced service through direct banking channels. “- Munish Mittal (EVP and Head Technology Solutions, HDFC Bank). HDFC Bank existing data warehouse was facing data quality issues, which lead to business problems and obtaining a single view of the customer. This was mainly due to duplicate customer data in the warehouse during the campaign and creditworthiness checks. SAS provided an enterprise to deep solution through SAS Data Integration to achieve results and correcting the issues.

HDFC Bank used SAS Data Integration and SAS Anti- Money Laundering to capture and organize customer activity: SAS helped them to integrate the customer and look at the 360-degree view. It helped them to decide whether they are over leveraging, or under leveraging. What is the behavior of the customer while using their services? The deduplication of the customer data from the warehouse. It also helped them in monitoring the activity against industry-specific scenarios of criminal behavior. Investigate and document exceptions and produce required regulatory reports that were generated faster.

“SAS came as a very good solution to us in deploying anti-money laundering solution, earlier we had about 14 scenarios where we monitor things like large cash deposits in a single day, cash deposits on across branches in a single day exceeding a value, No. of accounts opened by the customers in a particular time frame. So, the anti-money laundering from SAS helped us to monitor and review online real-time bases.”

In HDFC Bank, SAS tools are used extensively for market analytics and credit risk analytics. When it comes to product and technology, SAS is a gold standard for analytics. An organization like who believes in quality and solution, which enables business process and customer experience, then they must depend on best in class.