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The importance of Visual Analytics

Visual analytics is "the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces”. It can assail certain quandaries whose size, intricacy, and desideratum for proximately coupled human and machine analysis may make them otherwise intractable. Visual analytics advances science and technology developments in analytical reasoning, interaction, data transformations, and representations for computation and visualization, analytic reporting, and technology transition.

What does SAS Visual Analytics do?

SAS Visual Analytics provides a consummate platform for analytics visualization, enabling you to identify patterns and relationships in data that weren’t initially conspicuous. Interactive, self-service BI, and reporting capabilities are amalgamated with out-of-the-box advanced analytics so everyone can discover insights from any size and type of data, including text.

Why is SAS Visual Analytics consequential?

Users of all adeptness levels can visually explore data on their own while tapping into potent in-recollection technologies for more expeditious analytic computations and revelations. It’s easy to use, a self-accommodation environment that can scale on an enterprise-wide level.

For whom is SAS Visual Analytics designed?

It’s designed for anyone in your organization who wants to utilize and derive insights from data – from influencers, decision-makers, and analysts to statisticians and data scientists. It additionally offers IT a facile way to bulwark and manage data integrity and security.

SAS Visual Analytics Features:

  • Interactive dashboards, reports, BI, and analytics: Go directly from reporting and exploration to analysis, to sharing information through different channels, including Microsoft Office applications, with a single interface.
  • Smart visualizations: Present data and results in the most compelling way with advanced data visualization techniques and guided analysis through auto charting.
  • Self-service data preparation: Import your own data, join tables, apply fundamental data quality functions, and more with facile drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • Self-service analytics: Automated forecasting, goal seeking, scenario analysis, decision trees and more are at your fingertips, no matter what your adeptness level is.
  • Text analytics: Gain insight from gregarious media and other text data, and ken whether the sentiment is positive or negative.
  • Location analytics: Coalesce traditional data sources (transactional, customer, operational, etc.) with location data for analysis in a geographical context.
  • Augmented Analytics: Reveals in seconds the authentic stories hidden in your data. Automatically shows you suggestions and identifies cognate measures.
  • SAS Visual Analytics Apps for mobile devices: Utilize native mobile apps for iOS, Windows 10, and Android to view and interact with others through dynamic reports and dashboards on tablets and smartphones.
  • SAS Visual Analytics SDK for the web: Embed insights engendered by SAS Visual Analytics into your customized web applications.
  • Flexible deployment: Runs on commodity hardware, in a private or public cloud infrastructure, or Cloud Foundry platform as an accommodation (PaaS).


When you can engender consequential, insightful visualizations on a consistent substructure, you increment your overtness and contribution to your organization. No matter where you sit or what your denomination is, you can provide key information that contributes to making better business decisions.

In most organizations, unshared revelations are frivolous. You should be able to apportion your insights and collaborate on results, on-premise, or in the cloud. Every time you discover something incipient in your data, you should be able to apportion your “hey, visually examine this” moments. Sharing your findings leads to your colleagues discovering their own insights. It avails all of you put more encephalon power towards getting better answers and finding better solutions.

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