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The value of SAS Certifications – Upskill from the biggest SAS Authorized Training Partner in India

The demand for data skills has been growing at an expeditious rate and will perpetuate to progress for years to come. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Data and AI will experience the highest annual magnification rate for job opportunities, at 41%. It’s no surprise that the desideratum for these skills is more preponderant than the faculty to consummate the requisites, hence the term “skills gap” that perpetuates to be a sultry topic throughout the job market.

How did we get here? Believe it or not, an article from the WEF estimates that by 2025, 463 exabytes of data will be engendered each day ecumenically. From the magnitude of data that people are engendering each day, there’s no question that organizations need talented individuals to digest this data, discover patterns, and make apprised decisions. With the quantity of authoritative ordinance in this space, it’s consequential to not only validate your capabilities but differentiate yourself. Achieving certification will set you apart and give you the power to succeed.

The following are 10 reasons to get a SAS certification.

SAS skills are in high demand

The overall magnification in SAS programming skills during a downward trend in national hiring is reassurance that the desideratum for SAS skills isn’t peregrinating anywhere.

Another tech recruitment site,, used Burning Glass to analyze jobs that demand SAS skills, so if you’re unsure what vocation path your hard-earned skills can take you to ascertain to check it out. They’re prognosticating a 4.4% magnification in SAS skills over the next 10 years.

Get granular or stay general

The SAS certification program spans a wide range of topic areas. From Artificial Astuteness and Machine Learning to Base Programming, you’ll be able to find the certification that is just right for you. Check out more details on the SAS Ecumenical Certification program. You can get commenced with specialist-level credentials and work your way towards a professional-level status.

Improve your employment opportunities

No certification can ensure that you will get a job, however, it could open the door to incipient job opportunities. Exhibiting a potential employer that you have inserted the time, effort, and dedication to earn a SAS credential can give you an advantage in the hiring process. Proximately 50% of certification holders deemed certifications availed them find an incipient job, enter an incipient vocation field and incremented their number of job interviews, according to Pearson Vue’s “Value of IT Certification” report.


Do you want to climb the career ladder?

Earning a SAS credential avails demonstrate that you are solemn about enhancing and amending your adeptness set and are disposed to invest in your personal magnification. A triumph-win for you and your employer. In a recent survey of Coursera learners who consummated SAS training, 84% of certification holders reported that achieving a SAS credential availed them advance their vocation, excel in their position, and do their job more efficaciously.

Demonstrate your true SAS skills and understanding

The Base and Advanced Programming exams are now performance-predicated, betokening you inscribe and execute genuine SAS code while you are in the exam. It’s an authentic world as it gets and a great way to demonstrate what you really know!

Digital gasconading rights

Upon passing your certification, you receive apperception with an online digital insignia that provides secure, electronic verification of your achievement. Utilize this insignia on your LinkedIn profile, boast to family and friends across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever you optate your digital footprint to take you!

Sanction employers to facilely discover you

SAS certified individuals can be listed in the Directory of SAS Certified Professionals which can be accessed by employers to validate your credentials.

"65% of certified individuals reported realizing the first benefit of getting certified within 3-4 months."

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