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Top 10 uses of Python in Real-World | Upskill with the best online Python training institute in India

Python is one of the many open sources object-oriented programming application software available in the market. Some of the many utilizations of Python are application development, implementation of automation testing process, sanctions multiple programming build, plenarily constructed programming library, can be utilized in all the major operating systems and platforms, database system accessibility, simple and readable code, facile to apply on intricate software development processes, avails in test-driven software application development approach, machine learning/ data analytics, avails pattern apperceptions, fortified in multiple implements, sanctioned by many of the provisioned frameworks, etc.

Below are the top 10 uses of Python

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML):

AI, machine learning, and deep learning are some advanced technologies that are being implemented in many applications ecumenical. And Python plays a paramount role in integrating them into the backend of the online applications. As compared to last year's data, in 2019 users of Python for web development grew by 26%. On the other hand, users of Python language for artificial astuteness, machine learning, and deep learning grew by 37%. Due to Python’s resourceful libraries and data handling capacity Python utilization will grow more on an authentic-time substructure soon.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT):

IoT is all about developing wireless sensor networks utilizing authentic-time data analytics, astronomically immense data analytics, and cyber-physical systems. Python is the only language that ideally excels all these factors and enhances IoT development.

“Python has the competency to make an object work as an electronic contrivance if utilized Raspberry Pi.”

The smart homes, cars, watches, verbalizers, virtual auxiliaries, and perspicacious machines in the industries are some of the effulgent examples of Python and IoT.

  1. Database Access:

Python applications additionally avail in database access facilely. Python avails in interface customization of sundry databases such as PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and others.

It has a database-oriented on an object like ZODB and Durus. It is utilized for conventional database API and is in liberty to download.

  1. Robust Standard Library:

Python has a large and robust standard library to utilize for developing the applications. It additionally makes the developers use Python over other languages. The standard library avails in utilizing the different range of modules available for Python. As this module avails you in integrating the functionality without writing any more code. To get the information about sundry modules, documentation on python standard library can be referred. While developing any web application, implementing web accommodations, performing string operations, and other usages like interface protocol, the standard library documentation avails.

  1. Data Visualization and Data Science:

Data is as valuable as money; consequently, it is compulsory to ken the utilization of Python as it avails to extract the valuable data that can be acclimated to take quantified risks and profit incrementation. Utilizing extracted data and Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, one can study information that you have and can facilely perform several operations. For data visualization, there are different libraries like Seaborn, Matplotlib all are habituated to plot graphs and charts. This is one of the Python features that is utilized by the data scientists.

  1. Business Applications:

This is another utilization of Python coding language as business application differs from mundane applications that cover domains like ERP, E-Commerce, and much more. They require applications that are extensible, scalable, and readable. Python offers all these facilities to its users. Other platforms like Tryton, utilize to engender these business applications.

  1. Simplify Complicated Software Development:

Utilizations of Python applications to simplifying the arduous programming amendment process as it is a broadly utilizable programming language. It utilizes for building up an arduous application like numeric and logical application, and for both web applications and desktop. Python has features like analyzing information and representation, which avails in making custom solutions without investing additional energy and time. It inspirits you to visualize and present information in an efficacious manner.

  1. Desktop GUI

It can be utilized for programming desktop applications. This offers the Tkinter library which is utilized to engender utilizer interfaces. The other utilizable toolkits are Kivy, wxWidgets, PYQT which are habituated to develop the application on sundry platforms. One can facilely utilize the Python programming languages to engender sundry applications like To-Do apps, Calculators, and many more applications.

  1. Network Programming

Python, with all its possibilities, withal provides a lot to network programming.

It provides support network programming on the lower calibers through Convoluted Python, a framework utilized for asynchronous programming, and with its socket interface that is facile to utilize.

  1. Game Development

Some of the most consequential tasks of Python withal include game development. Developers can build highly interactive games, and Python web programming plays a crucial role in their development. PySoy and PyGame are two libraries that extensively avail in game development. They provide excellent functionality for engendering games.


In the present scenario, there is no general-purport high-level programming language that is as prolific and as multifarious as Python. In a literal sense, it is unfeasible to dream about developing involute algorithm models and business-quality applications integrated with Data science and machine learning platforms without Python code. Upskill with Python with AI & ML and grab the most in-demanded jobs.

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