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What is SAS?

 It is a programming language for statistical analysis that is useful in various fields and industries for data mining and related data handliSAS stands for Statistical Analysis System. ng. It provides results related to multivariate analysis, predictive analytics, and more.

Statistical software mainly used for data management, analytics, and business intelligence is named SAS. SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System, and it's written in C language. SAS is employed in most operating systems. SAS will be used as a programming language and as a graphical interface. it had been developed by Anthony James Barr and may read data from spreadsheets and databases. The output will be given as tables, graphs, and documents. SAS is employed to report, retrieve, and analyze statistical data and it's also accustomed run SQL queries.

Benefits of SAS in the Banking Sector:

  • Better Risk Management

    Stronger risk management and capital planning procedures
  • Protect Against Fraud

    Manage alerts, test scenarios, and respond much faster to fraud
  • Improve Customer Experience

    Custom communication for each point in the customer journey
  • Reduce False Positives

    Identify real-time while reducing false positive cases
  • Superior Data Protection

             Reduce errors and integrate internal and external sources

  • Use Agile, Unified Platform

    Faster data analysis for more value at a lower operating cost
  • Benefits of SAS in the Health Sector:
  • Drug Discovery with Data Science
  • The data science algorithms can also help to simulate how the drugs will act in the human body which takes away the long laboratory experimentations.

  • Predictive Analytics in Healthcare
  • It finds various correlations and associations of symptoms, finds habits, and diseases, and then makes meaningful predictions.

  • Monitoring Patient Health
  • With the help of analytical tools, doctors can keep track of a patient's circadian cycle, blood pressure, and calorie intake.

  • Tracking & Preventing Diseases
  • Data Science plays a pivotal role in monitoring patients’ health and notifying necessary steps to be taken to prevent potential diseases from taking place.