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What is cloud computing? | Upskill with the biggest cloudcomputing training Institute in India

Cloud computing has been referred to as an architecture, a platform, an operating system, and an accommodation, and in some senses, it is all of these. A rudimental definition of cloud computing is utilizing the Internet to perform tasks on computers. It is an approach to computing in which resources and information are provided through accommodations over the Internet, in which the network of accommodations is collectively kenned as “the cloud.” The term is predicated on the cloud metaphor utilized in computer network diagrams as an abstraction of the underlying infrastructure of the Internet. Cloud computing moves computing and data away from the desktop and portable PC into sizably voluminous data centers. It refers to applications distributed as accommodations over the Internet, as well as to the authentic cloud infrastructure (eg, hardware and system software, networking, storage elements)

What is cloud computing is used for?

          Cloud computing is an umbrella term for variants of cloud accommodations, including:

  • Cloud storage: These accommodations store and back up your files for conventional access. Files can withal be shared and synced across contrivances.
  • Cloud backup: While cloud storage and cloud backup may seem synonymous, cloud backup is designed to accommodate as a failsafe solution if your company experiences a server crash, cyberattack or other data loss. [If you are probing for a cloud storage or backup accommodation, check out our recommendations for the best options for minute businesses.]
  • Software as an accommodation (SaaS): SaaS solutions utilize the web to provide an accommodation. Examples of SaaS application include Office 365, Google Apps, QuickBooks Online and Salesforce. SaaS solutions may additionally be called platform as an accommodation.
  • Cloud hosting: These solutions facilitate multiple types of information sharing, such as email accommodations, application hosting, web-predicated phone systems and data storage.

Why is cloud computing important for business?

  1. Efficiency

          Efficiency in business operations is achieved in the following ways through the utilization of cloud computing:

  • Accessibility; Cloud computing facilitates the access of applications and data from any location ecumenical and from any contrivance with a cyberspace connection.
  • Cost savings; Cloud computing offers businesses with scalable computing resources hence preserving them on the cost of acquiring and maintaining them. These resources are paid for on a pay-as-you-go substructure which designates businesses pay only for the resources they utilize. This has proven to be much more frugal than acquiring the resources on their own.
  • Security; Cloud providers especially those offering private cloud accommodations, have strived to implement the best security standards and procedures in order to forfend client’s data preserved in the cloud.


  1. Flexiblity

         Flexibility is achieved in the following ways when utilizing cloud computing:

  • Scalability; Cloud computing is the best option for businesses with fluctuating workloads since cloud infrastructure scales depending on the injuctive authorizations of the business.
  • Implements cull; Cloud computing sanctions businesses to cull concrete prebuilt implements and features to derive solutions tailored to their concrete needs.
  • Cloud options; Cloud computing offers private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud solutions each with different features. Organizations can cull these options depending on what best accommodates their desideratum.
  1. Strategic edge

    Cloud computing sanctions businesses to gain a strategic edge in their niche in the following ways:

  • Incremented productivity; Cloud accommodation providers acquire and manage underlying cloud infrastructure hence enabling businesses to focus their energies on their core business operations.
  • Automatic software updates;  All the software applications that are accessed through the cloud are customarily au courant. This enables businesses to access the latest features without having to maintain the system themselves.
  • Competitiveness; Businesses that employ cloud computing are able to maneuver more nimbly as compared to competitors who devote their energies to acquiring and maintaining IT resources.

Why now cloud computing?

  • Economics of scale: The expeditious magnification of e-commerce and convivial media has incremented the authoritative ordinance for computational resources. In more sizably voluminous data centers, it is more facile to maximize the amplitude of work and truncate idle server time.
  • Expertise: Companies built data centers for their internal cloud, they could develop expertise and technology to build public data centers.
  • Open-Source Software: The Linux operating system has become a major cloud computing enabler.

Examples of cloud computing:

  1.Dropbox, gmail, facebook

Cloud can be utilized for storage of files. The advantage is a facile backup. They automatically synchronize the files from the desktop. Dropbox sanctioning users to access files and storage up to 1 terabyte of free storage. Convivial Networking platform requires a puissant hosting to manage and store data in authentic-time. Cloud-predicated communication provides click-to-call capabilities from gregarious networking sites, access to the Instant messaging system.


Utilizing cloud computing, Medical professionals host information, analytics and do diagnostics remotely. As healthcare additionally comes in the list of examples of cloud computing it sanctions other medicos around the world to immediately access this medical information for more expeditious prescriptions and updates. Application of cloud computing in health care includes telemedicine, public and personal health care, E-health accommodations and bioinformatics.


This is utilizable in institutions of higher cognition provide benefits to universities and colleges so henceforth Edification comes in the examples of cloud computing. Google and Microsoft provide sundry accommodations free of charge to staff and students in different learning institutions. Several Inculcative institutions in amalgamated states utilize them to ameliorate efficiency, cut on costs. Example- Google App Edification (GAE). They sanction the utilizer to utilize their personal workspace, edifying becomes more interactive.


The popularity of cloud computing is grooming day by day due to its numerous benefits. The facility to eschew sumptuous software license costs is one of the factors that enables companies to provide cloud accommodations. They are internet predicated Cloud resources are available over the network anytime and are accessed through a standard mechanism that promotes use by variants of platforms (e.g.: mobile phones, laptops, and PDAs). They additionally avail in e-learning by providing many accommodations online for edification. Cloud computing sanctions focussing more on business, not on data centers.

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