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Why Pharma Students need SAS Knowledge?

For Pharma Students, adding SAS skills will make the most sought after a profile in the healthcare industry. Sankhyana’s (SAS Authorized Training Partner in India) Clinical Programme will not only help them to get a better opportunity but also launch a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

While SAS programs are utilized across a variety of industries, their utilization in healthcare is becoming ubiquitous. Jobs analyzing data in health indemnification, pharmaceuticals, care providers, billing, and regime agencies are proliferating and increasingly, a construal of SAS programming is required.

According to a study from Money magazine and which outlined skills considered most valuable by employers across 350 different industries, SAS skills took the No. 1 spot with an average pay boost of 6.1%. Data mining and modeling were withal listed as highly valuable skills, both of which are a component of SAS operations.

The market for SAS certified employment candidates is growing at an expeditious rate. More than 80,000 companies are utilizing SAS software, according to the SAS Institute, and the number of potential employers utilizing its implements is liable to increment.

SAS Unleashes the power of Analytics

Through SAS programs, healthcare companies can cultivate cleaner data that is more consummate, consistent, and reliable. It additionally provides incipient ways to report and visualize data.

For clinicians, some major benefits of SAS programs include the competency to quantify treatment efficacy and develop clinical profiles that can reveal insights about a doctor’s practice patterns and compare it with that of other medicos and industry standards.

SAS® in the Life Sciences Industry – Facts & Figures

  • 100% life sciences companies on the Fortune 500 use SAS
  • >2,350 life sciences companies of all sizes use SAS
  • 45 countries with life sciences companies using SAS

Clinical SAS Training Key features with Sankhyana:

  • Learn fundamental programming skills on SAS covering modules on Base SAS, SAS Macros & SAS SQL.
  • Learn fundamental concepts and approaches that govern the design, analysis, and interpretation of clinical research studies.
  • Learn a basic overview of the clinical research industry and new drug development. Students will be introduced to the language that is typically associated with clinical research and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • They will have an opportunity to learn, understand, and apply this terminology in the context of clinical research.
  • Training also includes an overview of the process of new drug development from discovery through regulatory to approval and introduction to the market.
  • Training is designed to provide students with the background needed to pursue several additional courses in the areas of biostatistics, clinical data analysis, and biostatistical programming.
  • The course is a combination of course-work & hands-on learning and focused on the practical aspects of performing clinical trial analyses in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Important topics such as CDISC, MedDRA, WHODrug, and SOPs, and other industry regulations and standards will be also presented to the students during the course.
  • At the end of the training, students will acquire skills in the area of creating datasets, tables, and listings; preparing graphics; and performing commonly used statistical analysis.


SAS skills are utilizable in many departments. With a bachelor’s degree, jobs like data management and SAS programming are good commencement. The position sanctions you be habituated with the data and structure, access and process data, and make tables, listings, and graphics. With advanced degrees in master or Ph.D. in statistics or cognate field, there are more chances to be culled for statistician roles.

About SAS: SAS is the leader in analytics. SAS is the No.1 advanced analytics skills to have in this data-driven world.

About Sankhyana: Sankhyana (SAS Authorized Training Partner in India) is a premium and the best Clinical SAS Training Institute in Bangalore/India offers the best Clinical SAS training on SAS and Data Management tools.

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