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Why Python is perfect for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages utilized by developers today. In this article, we will discuss why python is perfect for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

Python is favored by developers for building Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. Let’s take a look!

Minimum entry barrier:

When you work with ML or AI, it signifies that you will be working along with a bunch of data. Data that you require to process efficaciously. Because of its low ingress barrier, you get to expeditiously cull Python and then commence utilizing the same for AI development without exhausting yourself learning the language from the core.

Python as a programming language is not arduous to get habituated to, and it is mostly like the English language. This is the reason why utilizing Python becomes more facile. The straightforward syntax enables everyone to work with some of the most perplexing systems.

Simple and consistent:

Python offers a concise and readable code. While involute algorithms and multifarious workflows stand behind machine learning and AI, Python’s simplicity sanctions developers to inscribe reliable systems. Developers get to put all their effort into solving an ML quandary in lieu of fixating on the technical nuances of the language. Additionally, Python is appealing to many developers as it’s facile to learn. Python code is understandable by humans, which makes it more facile to build models for machine learning.

Many programmers verbalize that Python is more intuitive than other programming languages. Others point out the many frameworks, libraries, and extensions that simplify the implementation of different functionalities. It’s generally accepted that Python is congruous for collaborative implementation when multiple developers are involved. Since Python is a general-purport language, it can do a set of intricate machine learning tasks and enable you to build archetypes expeditiously that sanction you to test your product for machine learning purposes.

Extensive libraries and frameworks:

One of the aspects that makes Python such a popular cull in general, is its abundance of libraries and frameworks that facilitate coding and preserve development time. Machine learning and deep learning are exceptionally well catered for.

NumPy, utilized for scientific computation, SciPy for advanced computation, and sci-kit-learn for data mining and data analysis, are among the most popular libraries, working alongside such heftily ponderous-hitting frameworks as TensorFlow, CNTK, and Apache Spark. In terms of machine learning and deep learning, these libraries and frameworks are Python-first, while some, like PyTorch, are indited categorically for Python.

Platform independence:

Python is not only comfortable to utilize and facile to learn but withal very multifarious. What we betoken is that Python for machine learning development can run on any platform including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix, and twenty-one others. To transfer the process from one platform to another, developers need to implement several diminutive-scale changes and modify some lines of code to engender an executable form of code for the culled platform. Developers can utilize packages like PyInstaller to prepare their code for running on different platforms.

Community and Corporate support:

Python has been around since 1990 and that is ample time to engender an auxiliary community. Because of this fortification, Python learners can facilely amend their Machine Learning erudition, which only leads to incrementing popularity. And that’s not all! There are many resources available online to promote ML in Python, ranging from GeeksforGeeks Machine Learning tutorials to YouTube tutorials that are an astronomically immense avail for learners.

Withal, Corporate support is a very consequential part of the prosperity of Python for ML. Many top companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Quora, etc use Python for their products. In fact, Google is single-handedly responsible for engendering many of the Python libraries for Machine Learning such as Keras, TensorFlow, etc.

Python uses in AI & ML

Many industries are utilizing Python for prognostication; some of them are peregrinated, fintech, conveyance, and healthcare.

In the travel industry, Skyscanner, the giant in the peregrinate domain, uses Python to soothsay the incipient airplane route comportment. AI utilized in budgetary accommodations avail with tackling issues associated with fraud aversion, risk management, automation, personalized banking, and more. It has been presaged that with the utilization of AI in Fintech, they are going to cut down on their operational cost by 22% by the cessation of 2030. In terms of the healthcare industry, AI has already presaged many diseases. Not just this, with AI and ML, people withal get to take care of their health by utilizing some of the facile-to-use mobile applications.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the expeditious-growing technologies that sanction developers and scientists to solve authentic-time quandaries with the right solutions. Today spam detection, recommendation systems, search engines, personal assistants’ systems are made possible by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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