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Why SAS for Clinical Research?

As the market leader in clinical research analytics, SAS provides a secure analytics foundation and scalable framework for clinical analysis and submission. SAS robust analytic implements and techniques, including AI and machine learning, avail you gain a competitive edge in the high-stakes world of clinical research analytics – from getting tribulations up and running, to modernizing tribulation designs, to distributing life-transmuting therapies to market more expeditious and more efficiently. SAS withal provides the leading platform for data transparency, sanctioning you to securely share historical tribulation data with third-party researchers for the betterment of medicine.

Clinical trial modernization

  • Adopt an end-to-end clinical analytics substructure so you can spend more time on data exploration, data quality monitoring, and executing advanced analytics and statistics.
  • Integrate your clinical ecosystem and collaborate with partners.
  • Apply streaming and edge IoT analytics to tackle unprecedented magnification in data volume and velocity from the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) contrivances.
  • Use authentic world data to drive insight into the clinical development process.

Clinical trial operational analytics

  • Utilize advanced analytics to mimic the behavior of the enrolment process, expeditiously prognosticate likely outcomes, and test different approaches utilizing what-if scenarios.
  • Compare realized enrolment versus simulations, and habituate plans to stay on target.
  • Apprise site supply more efficiently utilizing enrolment presages.
  • Use genuine world data to apprise operational processes and make better decisions.

AI & Machine Learning

  • Drive automation and consistency across studies with machine learning.
  • Use machine learning to extract incipient insights and boost clinical development efficiency.
  • Use AI and machine learning to develop fit-for-future tribulation designs, e.g., virtual, pragmatic, and adaptive tribulations.
  • Use clinical data mapping to facilely store AI-powered transformation rules in a central database in alignment with genuine tribulation data and CDISC data standards metadata.

Clinical data transparency

  • Utilize our industry-leading clinical data transparency to apportion clinical research with external researchers for secondary analysis and advancement of incipient revelations.
  • Give researchers access to an unparalleled breadth of available data from more than 25 sponsors.
  • Potentiate researchers with maximum analytical depth and flexibility, including the utilization of open source and third-party licensed software.
  • Give researchers free access to data, and sanction for transparency platform interoperability.


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