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Why Upskilling is important for Pharma Graduate Students?

Governments, industry, and academia are converging to find solutions to the problems caused by COVID-19, which emerged in the city of Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Unsurprisingly, the life sciences and health care sectors are at the heart of the work. Healthcare may make most of the headlines, but the work abaft the scenes in life sciences labs is just as crucial.

SAS is one of the most used data analysis tools for clinical trials in the pharma industry. The pharma companies in India adopting the SAS tool on a very large scale. But the issue for them is lack of talent, there is a need for greater investment in this skill. Pharma Students & professionals need to upskill themselves to remain job-relevant. Sankhyana Education is dedicated to working with academia to produce the next level of pharma professionals by upskilling them to keep them industry- ready in the ever-growing pharma industry.

Why SAS in Pharma?

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is widely utilized in clinical trial data analysis in pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research companies. The utilization of SAS in clinical researches has given unbelievable results in past years. SAS helps healthcare professionals to meet their business goals, generate great revenue, enhance strategic performance management, and most importantly control costs.

Pharma, especially for clinical trials data, embraced SAS software because it is a:

  • Programming Language — any data could be read; any report could be generated. A programmer with equal skills in the SAS language and a standard programming language could accomplish these tasks more quickly using SAS software.
  • Data Management system - Once clinical data was input into SAS datasets, even programming novices could sort, merge, match and maintain archives.
  • Proven statistical software that not only generated standard (to SAS Institute) reports but could output their results into SAS datasets for use in the SAS programming language to generate whatever specialized reports were required.

“According to HIMSS Analytics and Dimensional Insights survey, 84% of healthcare organizations are using data analytics tools for decision- making for strategic planning.” 

About Sankhyana Education

Sankhyana Education (SAS Authorized Training Partner), provides innovative, flexible, accessible blended learning solutions and career-oriented training following a competitive tendering process. Our aim is to better integrate pharmacy students into wider primary care by sanctioning pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to spend more time distributing clinical and public health accommodations to the benefit of patients and the public.

Benefits of Training with Sankhyana Education (SAS ATC Partner):

  • Career-oriented- training
  • SAS Authorized Trainers (with hands-on experience)
  • Access SAS authentic software (180days).
  • SAS Authentic study material.
  • SAS Authentic Curriculum.
  • SAS E-Learning package.
  • Digital Badge (Digitally engraved Credentials).
  • SAS Global Certification. (valid universally)
  • 24/7 support from SAS
  • 360- degree placement assistance


The pharma industry in India is witnessing high demand for pharma qualified professionals having SAS skills. The data in pharma domain is growing at a rate of 48% per year, and also the process of getting a drug to market requires an inordinate amount of clinical data analysis, they play a key part in the process whether they’re working at a drug company or a clinical research organization. Being a clinical SAS programmer there is a huge scope to switch into different departments like Clinical Data Management, CDISC Programming, Biostatistics, etc.

If you are ready to challenge your existing knowledge, and develop your personal and career development, take the next step with our training team. To know more, click here:

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