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Why Upskilling is important for Professionals and Jobseekers during Covid-19?

We go through challenging scenarios that have changed the employment situation around the world. According to UN calculations, 400 million jobs could have vanished with the aggravating circumstance that women are the most affected, so that not only is the overall employability index deteriorating, but additionally the closing of gender gaps that are It has been arduous to reduce in the last decades.

Recovering those jobs will remain a major challenge, but in the meantime capitalizing on the current time and incorporating the skills that will be most required in the future can expedite the renaissance of economic activities and avail societies adjust more expeditiously to new realities.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the data and AI will experience the highest annual magnification rate for job opportunities in the coming years, at 41%. This same entity estimates that by 2025, 463 exabytes of data will be engendered each day ecumenical.

With the quantity of data that people engender every day, there is no doubt that organizations need (even right now) talented people to analyze and leverage this data, uncover patterns and turn it into business astuteness to make apprised decisions.

Below are some reasons, why should professionals and jobseekers upskill during covid-19?

  • Empowering any profession: A professional (from any area) who knows Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) is not equipped to one who does not. Integrating this type of erudition to any vocation opens incipient horizons, can enable more preponderant innovations, makes the person a much more captivating professional in the labor market, and enhances his vocation in general.
  • Increase employment opportunities: integrating cognizance cognate to analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Machine Learning (ML) cannot guarantee that you will get a job, however, it can open the door to incipient professional opportunities. Employers or recruiters always consider what kind of cognizance and skills job candidates have in weighing and assigning a job, and if they match what is most authoritatively mandated by the market, the highest score is awarded.
  • Contributing to business transformation and digitization: Organizations are increasingly authoritatively mandating more professionals to drive the processes of business transformation, digitization, and innovation. Analytical cerebrating is not the only adeptness required to carry out these processes, but it is one of the most consequential and most apperceived when it comes to distributing incipient responsibilities or defining a job promotion (Pearson Vue, Value of IT Certification).

Expand and improve relationship: Networking is a keyword in professional environments today. Acquiring analytical skills, specialized groups can be integrated into professional networks, you can interact with cognate profiles and collaborative projects can be commenced from this relationship.


Deciding to embark on the path to incipient learning or training is not always the most expeditious and most facile decision to make, but in the cessation, all incipient erudition will always bring. If it is about learning to interpret data, dashboards, or statistics, the reward will be to have incipient possibilities to solve quandaries and to contribute to the challenges that organizations may have. Integrating analytical skills is key to more personal achievement, professional magnification, and incipient opportunities.

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