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“DATA SCIENTISTS” IS THE BEST JOB OF THE 21ST CENTURY | Sankhyana Consultancy Services

Data Scientist is rapidly becoming one of the best careers in the IT sector. The most important thing about Data scientists is that they can combine a large amount of unstructured data and analyze this data which is very useful for the organizations. According to Harvard Business Review (2012), Data Scientist is the best job of the 21st century. And now, we are in the year 2018, Data Scientist is still the best job of the 21st century. You can feel the impact and dominance of this profession in the Data- dominated the job market. Many industry experts and organizations have already declared that this profession is still the best & will continue to be the same in the coming years.

Nowadays, a maximum number of organizations have an online presence, these organizations desperately need professionals who know how to manage and store data, which can help them to make an impactful business decision. Data Scientist understands industry needs and terminologies, they can mash-up several analytics tools like SAS, R, etc. They can also design and implement solutions to extract knowledge from the data.

Who is hiring a Data Scientist? Amazon, Flipkart, IBM, Accenture, Apple, Myntra, TCS, Capgemini, Oracle, Walmart Labs, Deloitte, and many more.

The salary package of Data Scientist professionals The average salary package for this profession is very high. According to, the average salary for Data Scientist professional in India is Rs, 6,20,244 per year. The minimum salary package is Rs 3,25,000 and the maximum salary is Rs 18,48,269.

Future of Data Scientist According to Global Research, Data Scientist professionals are in great demand in the coming years. The demand for them is rising and there is a shortage. The demand for Data Scientist professionals is very distinguished and the salary package is also very impressive. If you are looking towards a secure and brilliant career, then the Data Scientist profession is the Best. Join our Data Science courses.

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