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Looking for a job in the Data Analytics field? According to a recent study from Analytics India Magazine, India is the 2nd biggest Analytics business core after the US. The demand for this profession is on the rise. This is such a grand opportunity for those who are looking to make a career or want to shift their career in Analytics profession. The analytics field has most endeavored nowadays. It is expanding at a very serious pace in every sector. As every organization is moving towards new technology, they need these kinds of experts. They are hiring professionals like Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, etc.

Most conventional & effective Analytics tool SAS is one of the most extensively used analytical tools. SAS is the leader in Analytics solutions and the business market. According to a study from Money and PayScale, SAS is the most estimable career skill. It shoves your salary by 6.1%, which is the utmost of any distinct tools. SAS is accepted throughout the business because of its astounding versatility.

Top city contributing to Analytics It's not unusual that Bengaluru is a prime prominent city for finding Analytics jobs. Bengaluru is rendering the maximum estimate of an Analytical job in India that is approximately 30%. According to, 40% of Analytical professionals consider Bengaluru as their first job preference and the most remarkable thing is that it is also the highest paying city as well.

The salary trend for Analytics professionals The median salary for the Analytics profession is 5-6 lakh per annum as a fresher. If you have 3+ years’ experience you will get 8-10 lakh per annum and if you have 7+ years’ experience, then you will get 15-20 lakh per annum. Salary in the Analytics profession has been progressing quicker from the last 5-6 years and this inclination will be extended in the next coming years as well.

Analytical job providing Sector: Banking, Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing are the top 4 Analytical job catering sectors. All these sectors provide 70% of Analytics jobs. These sectors are frantically looking for Analytics professionals. There is a massive scope in these sectors. Nowadays each sector is promptly moving towards Data-Driven solutions in which they need them.

What about Analytics jobs in the future? The number of Analytics jobs has increased by 225% in the last 5 years. Demand for Analytics professionals is not going to decreased or stopped in the coming years. The shore of Analytics in India has reached an unexpectable level. There will be a shortage of 2,00,000 Analytics professionals by 2020 in India. Wake up and looks around you, what is happening? There is massively sought of Analytics professionals. To make a booming career in Analytics. Join our top trending courses like SAS, R Programming & Machine Learning. If you have any doubt regarding which course you must choose, please feel to contact us.