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Why Data Science is a Good Career Option? | Sankhyana Consultancy Services

The Data Science career path is probably the best career choice you can make currently. It is undoubtedly the best career for any Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Management, Engineering background peoples. Every hour, 6 billion associated devices generate hundreds of terabytes of data. Each set of data is critical and should be analyzed effectively to give an organization a competitive edge.

Data Science professionals have the capacity to analyze, understand and exact this data to determine meaningful insights. More and more companies are looking for data science professionals to further their reach, improve efficiency, boost sales, and introduce new solutions and services.

Advantages of Data Science • Data Scientists is the best job of the 21st century • A Highly paid Career • Data Science makes products smarter • Data Science improves public health • Data Science creates new streams of revenue

Scope of Data Science: In India, there is around more than 97,000 data science positions are vacant. According to Talent Supply Index (TGI) earlier this year, India is witnessing a 400% rise in the demand for data science professionals across industry verticals, while the supply has grown by a mere 19% only.

At Sankhyana Consultancy Services, we are offering a job- oriented, hands-on training on Python, R Programming & Machine Learning. Our Data Science program is designed especially for data aspirants and for those who want to shift their careers in the data science domain.

A Data Science career is both lucrative and exciting. Start your journey today with Sankhyana Consultancy Services Data Science Program. For more details, reach us: 9663580170,