How to become a fintech Data Scientist in 2022?


Data roles are for analyzing, processing, and modeling these sizably voluminous sets of structured and unstructured data, as well as extracting germane information to the organization. Given the fact that Fintech is such a data-driven industry, the sundry roles of data are crucial to the running and prosperity of these companies.

The pay scale for Data roles ranges from $82K to $171K per annum. Qualifications for these roles include undergraduate degrees in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or statistics for the junior roles while the more senior roles rely more on the experience in the field of data apart from the certifications. To learn more on how to thrive in Data science in Fintech, read more Fintech Job Report.

Top skills to work in Data roles in 2022

Data roles in Fintech require one to be equipped in:

·        Hard skills such as Database operations, Data visualization implements (Tableau, Power BI), Programming languages (R, Python, SQL), Cloud platforms (AWS, GCP), and Statistics.

·        Soft skills such as communication, cross-functional collaboration, and presentation skills.

·        Mindset such as quandary solving, proactivity, detail-oriented and analytical, and working in an expeditious paced environment.

·        Industry Erudition such as software engineering, data science, and Fintech acumen.


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Is a Data science course beneficial for a career in tech?


The data science field is growing expeditiously, and more employers are apperceiving the value in those adepts in data science. In fact, has reported that job postings for data scientists incremented by 75% over a recent three-year period. Albeit the authoritative ordinance for data scientists is indisputably high, so is the competition. Because this can withal be a lucrative vocation field to pursue, more individuals are doing what they can to become trained in the field of data science and to stand out amongst other applicants. In other words, if you’re earnest about pursuing a vocation in data science, it’s critical to get the felicitous training.

The first step in getting certified as a data scientist is to enroll in an accredited data science course that can edify you everything you require to ken there are free online sources that can offer some good tips for learning data science, nothing beats enrolling in a structured, accredited program that provides ordinant dictation from industry professionals, which can withal award you with a professional certification upon completion. If you’re probing for a course that keeps students updated with the latest trends in data science and offers practical erudition in its injective authorization, one good option is Similiter’s Data Scientist Master’s Program.

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Ways Pharmaceutical companies are using Data Analytics to drive innovation & Value


Accelerate drug discovery and development With a large number of patents for blockbuster drugs expired or near expiration and the cost of bringing a new drug to market pushing $5 billion, according to a 2013 Forbes analysis,

there are huge benefits to be had by anything that is able to accelerate the process of drug discovery and development. Being able to intelligently search vast data sets of patents, scientific publications, and clinical trials data should, in theory, help accelerate the discovery of new drugs by enabling researchers to examine previous results of tests. Applying predictive analytics to the search parameters should help them hone in on the relevant information and also get insight into which avenues are likely to yield the best results. The industry is already starting to look at how it can get greater access to more data in order to help accelerate this process. For instance, a number of pharmaceutical companies – AstraZeneca, Bayer, Celgene, Janssen Research and Development, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Sanofi – recently announced a new data-sharing initiative dubbed Project Data Sphere. The companies have agreed to share historical cancer research data to aid researchers in the fight against the disease today. The database will be available online globally, with the analytics technology being provided by software vendor SAS.

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How Is Big Data Analytics Using Machine Learning?


It is no longer a secret that big data is a reason behind the successes of many major technology companies. However, as more and more companies embrace it to store, process, and extract value from their huge volume of data, it is becoming a challenge for them to use the collected data in the most efficient way.

That's where machine learning can help them. Data is a boon for machine learning systems. The more data a system receives, the more it learns to function better for businesses. Hence, using machine learning for big data analytics happens to be a logical step for companies to maximize the potential of big data adoption.

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Is SAS software for finance what the financial industry needs


If you have been keeping up with the news, then you would notice that the finance industry is going through a rough period because of the shutdown The finance industry needs to react quickly,

, channeling resources into different sectors and taking on new business models. Some businesses have been able to do that, while others have struggled. Analytics capabilities like SAS software for finance have proven to be the difference-maker for and between companies that have been able to adapt and those who have struggled.

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Applications of Data Science in Finance


Finance has always been about data. As a matter of fact, data science and finance go hand in hand. Even before the term data science was coined, Finance was using it.

In this article, we will explore the latest applications of Data Science in the Finance industry and how its advances in it are revolutionizing finance. We will also explore how various industries are using data science to manage their financial spending.

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How data analytics software gives the auto industry an edge


Today, we see vehicles that are now capable of producing and collecting vast amounts of raw data for automated analytics. Most cars contain at least 50 sensors that are designed to collect detailed information such as speed, emissions, distance, resource usage, driving behavior, and fuel consumption. When combined with sophisticated data analytics software, data scientists and analysts are able to transform raw unfiltered data into meaningful information for application in the automotive industry.

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Vitale Role of Data Science in Advancing Medicine


The healthcare industry is an in-demand field that provides opportunities to make a positive difference in the world; as a result, a career in healthcare is an attractive option for many job seekers. For those who want to be involved with healthcare but don’t want to work in a hospital or clinic, data science—which is fast becoming a major part of the healthcare industry—provides an excellent opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the field.

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DATA Standard in SAS Clinical Data integration


There are numerous ways SAS Clinical Data Integration helps users implement CDISC data standards. SAS Clinical Data Integration is built using SAS Data Integration Studio as its foundation. Then SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit is integrated into it, which provides metadata about the CDISC data standards and controlled terminology, as well as tools to check the compliance of study domains to the data standard. Within the user interface of SAS Clinical Data Integration, users can import data standards. These data standards come directly from SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit. There are several versions of SDTM, ADaM, and SEND data standards available for import. A data standard that has been imported into SAS Clinical Data Integration contains domain templates, which contain all of the metadata about each domain.

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The uses of SAS sentiment analysis in business


SAS sentiment analysis allows businesses to get a better understanding of the feelings behind user-generated content. It uses statistical and linguistic conditions to identify negative, positive, neutral, and even unclassified opinions from the content. The analytics platform can be used in many areas, particularly in market research. 

Monitoring brand sentiment

Sentiment analysis tools can be essential for a brand or reputation monitoring. No matter the industry they are in, every organization can use sophisticated tools to monitor people’s feelings about the brand. SAS sentiment analysis tools can be useful in this regard because they can analyze different samples of user-generated content like customer reviews. This is useful in different functions like assessing customer response to new products, assessing brand perception, and even monitoring content from influencers. Sentiment analysis tools are great for monitoring brand reception.

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How Data Science is Used in Every Step of the Automotive Lifecycle


How the manufacturing scalability of the Model T brought mobility to the masses over 100 years ago, data science is scaling mobility for lower-income communities today. It makes transportation easily accessible without the high cost of ownership and is facilitating this change for everyone, no matter their class, gender, or ability.

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How Clinical trial Works with help of SAS.


ABSTRACT: Clinical SAS® programmers come from diverse backgrounds. As programmers step into this new field, they would have enough working knowledge about SAS techniques and how to program tables, listings, and graphs. However, as in any other field, there are lots of everyday activities, terminologies, and processes that a programmer should be aware of in order to be successful and will learn on the job over a period of time, depending on the work environment.

This paper is primarily targeted at programmers who are relatively new to the field of clinical programming and the objective is to provide an early introduction to the various aspects of clinical programming. CLINICAL TRIALS By now, you must have heard about FDA and its consumer watchdog division, called CDER (Center for Drug Evaluation and Research), whose job is to evaluate new drugs before they are marketed. The process of development and approval of new drugs is generally complicated, expensive, and time-consuming and involves many scientists and professionals with varying expertise. Once a company identifies a compound as promising, a series of pre-clinical trials will be conducted and the results of those studies as well as future plans justifying clinical trials are submitted to the FDA. Upon approval from the agency, the company will start testing on humans.

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Why Python is good for Data Science?


Data analysis is the methodology of gathering data and processing it in order to get useful insights. Data Analyst is all about the utilization of the major techniques related to data visualization and manipulation. The techniques are used to expose even the most valuable insights. All these insights allow the companies to formulate better strategies and make even better decisions.

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The Role of Statistics in the Industry


Statistics are everywhere, and most industries rely on statistics and statistical thinking to support their business. An interest to grasp statistics is also required to become a successful data scientist. You need to demonstrate your keenness in this field of discipline.

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SAS Drug Development sets the standard for clinical trials information management and analysis


India is moving from a generic bulk drug manufacturer to one of the key players in the clinical research industry. Clinical trial analysis and report submission using SAS software are one of the key activities carried out as part of the clinical research. Due to the high availability of skilled resources, innovative capacity, and reduced costs this particular segment of resources is highly recognized and more work is being outsourced[.

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Why Use python for Web development


Web development could be a hardworking task. There are a lot of coding languages that can be worthy of building a great product. So, which one must be chosen among all of them? If there’s a language that has gained cult status on web development frameworks and in the shortest span of time, it’s Python.

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We are Offering Free Online Demo Sessions on: Base SAS & Advance SAS


Want to know how industry-relevant is our Base SAS & Advance SAS online/ live- web training program? This is the best opportunity for all data aspirants & skilled professionals across pan India. Sankhyana Consultancy Services (SAS Authorized Training Partner) is conducting free demo sessions for those aspirants who really want to move ahead in their careers with these additional skills. We are introducing a new online/ live-web training session on SAS tools scheduled on 5th& 20th Apr’20becz still we believe that all organizations are using this opportunity to build leadership pipelines & seeking the right talent on future business demands that you don’t stop upskilling despite the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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Big Data: Benefits in Manufacturing


Big data is the lifeblood of manufacturing. It’s big data that can reveal the glitches in a company’s business operations, and its big data that when analyzed opens a window of opportunity for manufacturers to identify and fine-tune quandaries before they get worse.

Big Data is essential in achieving productivity and efficiency gains and unearthing incipient insights to drive innovation. With Big Data analytics, manufacturers can discover incipient information and identify patterns that enable them to ameliorate processes, increment supply chain efficiency, and identify variables that affect production.

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How Top Brands Use AI to Enhance the Customer Experience?


As we move towards a digital world, the relationship between businesses and customers has been changing over the last few years. With customers' prospects higher than ever, companies need to find new ways to interact with them and improve their processes and accommodations' efficiency and quality. It’s in this context that several organizations are commencing to board the AI train to enhance their customer accommodation with more keenly intellective experiences and process automation.

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Best Clinical SAS Interview Questions and Answers for you! Sankhyana Consultancy Services


SAS Analytics is a game-changer for Pharma Industry. Today’s pharma industry fails to survive long without leveraging clinical SAS in their clinical trials.

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Statistics for Data Science: A complete guide for beginners


Statistics is one of the core disciplines of Data Science. Statistics is a vast field of study and Data Science requires only certain knowledge areas from Statistics such as data harnessing from various sources, understanding types of data and mathematical operations that can be performed on it, exploratory data analysis, measures of central tendencies, and variability, hypothesis testing, etc. As Data Science is about deriving insights from Data, Statistics becomes an important knowledge area.

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What is clustering in Machine Learning?


Clustering or cluster analysis is a machine learning technique, which groups the unlabelled dataset. It can be defined as "A way of grouping the data points into different clusters, consisting of kindred data points. The objects with the possible kindred attributes remain in a group that has less or no kindred attributes with another group."

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Career as a Data Engineer: Scope, skills needed, job profile and other details


With a humongous 2.5 quintillion bytes of data engendered every day, data scientists are more diligent than at any other time. The more data we have, the more we can do with it. Furthermore, data science gives us strategies to efficaciously utilize this data. It just bodes well that software engineering has developed to incorporate data engineering adeptness, a subdiscipline that fixates on the conveyance, change, and storage of data.

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Why is Python perfect for Big Data? Upskill with the best Python training institute in India


As we all know, Big Data is the most valuable commodity in the modern era. The amplitude of data engendered by companies is incrementing at an expeditious pace. By 2025, IDC says the worldwide data will reach 175 zettabytes. A zettabyte is identically tantamount to a trillion gigabytes. Now multiply that 175 times. Then imagine how expeditious data is exploding.

Python is a programming language that is known by many people because of its great benefits and advantages. In fact, many people acknowledged the essence of Python for big data, and they utilized this in variants of major industries. Because of its prominence, most of the users incline to consider this in lieu of other types of languages that prevail in the marketplace.

In this article, let’s explore the benefits of utilizing Python in Big Data and its astonishing growth rate in Big Data Analytics.

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What is Big data? | Upskill with the best Big data training Institute in India


Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day substratum. But it’s not the quantity of data that’s consequential. It’s what organizations do with the data that is paramount. Sizably Voluminous data can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves.

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What is cloud computing? | Upskill with the biggest cloudcomputing training Institute in India


Cloud computing has been referred to as an architecture, a platform, an operating system, and an accommodation, and in some senses, it is all of these. A rudimental definition of cloud computing is utilizing the Internet to perform tasks on computers. It is an approach to computing in which resources and information are provided through accommodations over the Internet, in which the network of accommodations is collectively kenned as “the cloud.” The term is predicated on the cloud metaphor utilized in computer network diagrams as an abstraction of the underlying infrastructure of the Internet. Cloud computing moves computing and data away from the desktop and portable PC into sizably voluminous data centers. It refers to applications distributed as accommodations over the Internet, as well as to the authentic cloud infrastructure (eg, hardware and system software, networking, storage elements)

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What is Hadoop? Upskill with the best Hadoop training institute in India


Hadoop is defined as a software utility that utilizes a network of many computers to solve the quandary involving immensely colossal amplitude of computation and data, these data can be structured or unstructured and hence it provides more flexibility for amassing, processing, analysing and managing data. It has an open-source distributed framework for the distributed storage, managing, and processing of the immensely colossal data application in scalable clusters of computer servers.

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What is Blockchain? | Upskill with the best blockchain training institute in India


Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it arduous or infeasible to transmute, hack, or cheat the system.

A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain. Each block in the chain contains a number of transactions, and every time an incipient transaction occurs on the blockchain, a record of that transaction is integrated to every participant’s ledger. The decentralised database managed by multiple participants is kenned as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Blockchain is a type of DLT in which transactions are recorded with an immutable cryptographic signature called a hash.

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What is Artificial Intelligence? | Upskill with the best Data Science training Institute in India


The term artificial perspicacity was initially revealed in 1956, yet AI has become more mainstream today on account of expanded data volumes, progressed algorithms, and enhancements in computing power and storage.

Early AI research during the 1950s explored themes like quandary solving and symbolic methods. During the 1960s, the US Department of Bulwark checked out this kind of work and commenced training computers to emulate fundamental human reasoning. For instance, the Bulwark Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) culminated road orchestrating projects during the 1970s. What’s more, DARPA engendered keenly intellective personal auxiliaries in 2003, sometime afore Siri, Alexa or Cortana were facilely apperceived designations.

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3 ways analytics can ameliorate vaccine distribution and administration | Biggest SAS Authorized Training Partner in India


The management of the COVID-19 vaccination program is one of the most intricate tasks in modern history.  Even without the integrated complications of administering the vaccine during a pandemic, the race to vaccinate the populations who need it most all while maintaining the compulsory cold-storage protocols, meeting double dose requisites, and still convincing populations of the vaccine safety, is daunting.

The vaccines available today are unlikely to be available in enough quantities to vaccinate the entire population in the near term, which engenders the desideratum for nimble, data-driven strategies to optimize inhibited supplies.

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Data Science Real-World Applications | Upskill with the best data science training institute in India


Data science combines mathematics, statistics, and computer science, in a way that avails identify patterns within data and draw insights from it. From this, data can be modelled to solve real-world problems.

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Python Overview and Features: Upskill with the best Python training institute in India


Python is a dynamic, high-level, free open source, and interpreted programming language. It supports object-oriented programming as well as procedural-oriented programming.
In Python, we don’t need to declare the type of variable because it is a dynamically typed language.

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What is Data Analytics? Master’s in Data Analytics with the best data analytics training institute in India


Data Analytics refers to our ability to collect and use all the data (real-time, historical, structured, unstructured) to generate insights that informed fact-based decision-making. Data Analytics sanctions organizations to digitally transform their business and culture, becoming more effective, innovative, and forward-thinking in their decision-making.

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Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence: Upskill from the best Data Science training institute in India


Artificial Intelligence opportunities have escalated recently due to its surging demands in industries. The hype that Artificial Intelligence will engender tons of jobs is justifiable.

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Top 5 reasons why everybody should learn data analytics | Upskill with best Data Analytics training institute in India


There's no doubt about it - analytics isn't just the way of the future, it's the way of right now! Having been adopted in all sorts of different industries, you'll now find analytics being used everywhere from aviation route orchestrating through to predictive maintenance analysis in manufacturing plants. Even industries such as retail that you might not associate with large amount of data are getting on board, utilizing analytics to ameliorate customer staunchness and tailor unique offerings.

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Artificial Intelligence predicts Prostate Cancer Recurrence


An artificial intelligence implement is able to examine data from MRI scans and predict the likelihood that prostate cancer will recur after surgical treatment, a study published in EBioMedicine.  A critical factor in managing prostate cancer in men undergoing surgery is identifying which are at the highest risk of recurrence and prostate cancer-categorical mortality. Researchers noted that approximately 20 to 40 percent of patients experience recurrence and may develop further metastasis after definitive treatment.

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Implementing SDTM with SAS (Base SAS, SAS Enterprise Guide & Clinical Data Integration)


For many years, the first instinct of most clinical programmers has always been to inscribe SAS® code by hand, because that was the best approach available. Writing code designated kenning a great deal of syntax and always having the manuals handy. It withal designated pages and pages of code that were arduous to veridical, arduous to maintain, and hard to reuse for different compounds or contrivances. The first level of progression came when SAS introduced sundry windows and wizards such as Import/Export Wizard, Report Window, or Graph-n-Go that gave programmers the competency to commence utilizing the wizard and then prehend the SAS code and transmute it as obligatory.

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FREE Orientation – Data Science using SAS (8th Jan – 10th Jan’21) – Upskill with the Biggest SAS Authorized Training Partner in India


Sankhyana Consultancy Services (Biggest SAS Authorized Training Partner in India) is introducing 3 days of free Data Science using SAS orientation program.

Our orientation program is designed to give data aspirants plenty of info. about base sas, advance sas, clinical sas, data integration, visual analytics, sas academy for data science, and about us, which will help you to prepare to make a career-defining decision. The orientation program will be conducted by our industry experts, who are having 5+ years of real-time market experience.

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The value of SAS Certifications – Upskill from the biggest SAS Authorized Training Partner in India


The demand for data skills has been growing at an expeditious rate and will perpetuate to progress for years to come. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Data and AI will experience the highest annual magnification rate for job opportunities, at 41%. It’s no surprise that the desideratum for these skills is more preponderant than the faculty to consummate the requisites, hence the term “skills gap” that perpetuates to be a sultry topic throughout the job market.

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How COVID opens door to pervasive healthcare fraud?


It's easy to get diverted by incipient developments in the fight against healthcare fraud. Incipient accommodations. Incipient providers. Relaxation of rules. The COVID-19 pandemic has expeditiously revolutionized the healthcare landscape. For instance, the regime made sweeping regulatory changes to accommodate a surge in patients. Healthcare distribution and payment organizations, commercial and regime have all had to pivot in replication to these changes.

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Python overtakes Java to become second most popular programming language | Upskill with the best Python training institute in India


The November edition of TIOBE's top programming languages list holds a surprise: For the first time in two decades, C and Java don't occupy the top two spots, with Java slipping to third and Python taking its place.

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Himalaya Drug Company using SAS VA to develop Customer Insight, Competitiveness and Operational Efficiency


With more than eight decades of market presence in the Herbal Wellness and Healthcare segment, The Himalaya Drug Company remains committed to enriching the lives of people utilizing their products. Today, the Himalaya brand is synonymous with safe and efficacious herbal products. Complementing its vigorous commitment toward customer-focus and innovation, Himalaya turned to SAS Visual Analytics for its Herbal Healthcare business operations, and predictive analytics related requirements.

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Creating SDTM domains with SAS: A guide for Clinical SAS Programmers


As a clinical programmer, there are many paths available. The main goal is always to access the data, manipulate and transform it, analyze it, and report on it. A programmer can specialize in data management (DM) programming and spend most of the time cleaning the data through edit checks and the engendered of patient listings and profiles.

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Clinical SAS Interview Questions: Top 15 Questions & Answers for Freshers & Experienced


SAS helps clinical researchers to achieve great speed and efficiency while conducting clinical trials. It helps Clinical SAS professionals to analyze large amounts of big data (structured & unstructured data), which helps them to uncover many hidden insights, patient concerns, and many other issues. These insights help them to predict and improve outcomes. 

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What is Machine Learning? Types of Machine Learning – Sankhyana Education


Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the conception that systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention. This super-powerful, enabling technology is one of the most sought-after technical skills to have in this data-driven world.

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What is CDISC and What it means for SAS Programmers?


Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) is a global not-for-profit organization that focused on the interchange of clinical information within the pharmaceutical market. Categorically, CDISC is very aligned with the desiderata of clinical tribulation data exchange as it relates to clinical research workflow.

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Clinical Data Transparency with SAS


SAS provides controlled access to patient-level data for valid research purposes, along with the faculty to analyze data from the clinical tribulations on which regulatory decisions are predicated.

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What is Artificial Intelligence, and why is it important? Upskill with the best online AI training institute in India


Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of a computer or a computer-enabled robotic system to process information and engender outcomes in a manner like the phrenic conception process of humans in learning, decision making, and solving problems.

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Learn Python with AI & ML Certification Online Training Program for Free (For African Countries)


Learn the future skill online with Sankhyana (Best Data Science Training Institute in African Countries). Learn python, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, deep learning, neural networks, and many more for free for 1 month.

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Why Analytic interoperability matters in Healthcare?


Let’s face it. Data sharing between platforms in health care just isn’t facile. Patient data privacy concerns, incompatible file formats, asynchronous identifiers … I’ve aurally perceived it all. From the electronic health record (EHR), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) to discrete processes like pharmacy or departmental information systems, achieving some level of integration seems homogeneous to a pipe dream. So, where does this leave the analyst who wants to solve involute issues cognate to ameliorating health outcomes?

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Artificial Intelligence: AI Power during Current Pandemic


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming our lifestyle intending to mimic human perspicacity by a computer/machine in solving sundry issues. Initially, AI was designed to surmount simpler quandaries like victoriously triumphing a chess game, language recognition, image retrieval, among others. With the technological advancements, AI is getting increasingly sophisticated at doing what humans do, but more efficiently, expeditiously, and at a lower cost in solving involute quandaries.

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Bank of India Using SAS to Fast Track Advanced Operational Risk Management


Expeditious-growing banks want to spend capital on introducing incipient products and accommodations, not hiring more staff to manage operational risk with spreadsheets.

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Data Integration: What it is and what it used to be?


Data integration involves combining multiple sources of data to present amalgamated results. The term data integration used to refer to a categorical set of processes for data warehousing called “extract, transform, load,” or ETL. ETL generally consisted of three phases:

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Why Upskilling is important for Professionals and Jobseekers during Covid-19?


We go through challenging scenarios that have changed the employment situation around the world. According to UN calculations, 400 million jobs could have vanished with the aggravating circumstance that women are the most affected, so that not only is the overall employability index deteriorating, but additionally the closing of gender gaps that are It has been arduous to reduce in the last decades.

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AI in Banking: How AI is transforming Banking Sector?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents opportunities to increment prosperity and magnification. For the banking sector, it provides great opportunities to enhance customer experience, democratize financial accommodations, improve cybersecurity and consumer protection and invigorate risk management. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be utilized in the banking sector, it brings automation & simplifies the process, AI will preserve the banking industry more than $1 trillion by 2030.

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Data Quality Management: All You Need to Know


As organizations accumulate more data, managing the quality of that data becomes more consequential every day. After all, data is the lifeblood of any organization. Data quality management avails by amalgamating organizational culture, technology, and data to distribute results that are precise and utilizable.

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Top 10 uses of Python in Real-World | Upskill with the best online Python training institute in India


Python is one of the many open sources object-oriented programming application software available in the market. Some of the many utilizations of Python are application development, implementation of automation testing process, sanctions multiple programming build, plenarily constructed programming library, can be utilized in all the major operating systems and platforms, database system accessibility, simple and readable code, facile to apply on intricate software development processes, avails in test-driven software application development approach, machine learning/ data analytics, avails pattern apperceptions, fortified in multiple implements, sanctioned by many of the provisioned frameworks, etc.

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How IQVIA India is helping Pharmaceutical companies worldwide in improving the efficiency of drug launches using SAS?


IQVIA is an American multinational company accommodating the cumulated industries of health information technologies and clinical research. It is a provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing accommodations. With a network of more than 50,000 employees in approximately 100 countries, it is one of the world’s largest contract research organizations.

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5 ways to combat Fraud in this Digitalization Era


Users of banking accommodations have reduced their visits to branches and are opting to utilize the digital channels available to them to carry out financial operations (transfers, purchase products, pay for accommodations, apply for loans, and invest their money).

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Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence: Upskill with the best Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in India


AI has turned from a niche technology/computational area into a mainstream computer science engineering toolkit. It has engendered chaos in Silicon Valley and immensely colossal IT giants like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others are heavily investing in careers in Artificial Intelligence.

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Reasons why you should upskill with AI & ML: Learn from the best Online Data Science Training Institute in India


The importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has been incrementing as a growing number of companies are utilizing these technologies to ameliorate their products and accommodations, evaluate their business models, and enhance their decision-making process.

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Improving Lives through Analytics based decisions


The endpoint of analytics is not a report or a vigilant. The endpoint is a decision. Often those decisions are cognate to your business and you make them minimize peril, amend engendered, or gratifying customers.

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Using Analytics for Better Customer Experience


Today, customers expect a seamless, highly personalized, and germane experience whether online, through an app, a call center, or in person, and they expect the personal information they make available to businesses to be utilized in their benefit.

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Career in Python Programming Language: The Ultimate guide for beginners


Python is one of the most popular programming languages that any developer should know. Python developers are in high demand - not only because the language is so popular and widely used but mostly since Python became a solution in many different areas. From web applications to data science and machine learning. However, it is not enough to just master the language itself. Surprisingly, that might be the most facile step in becoming a Python developer.

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How a Data Analytics strategy supports resiliency in uncertain times?


As the organizations work to recuperate from the uncertainties and far-reaching implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to ascertain that businesses are resilient and can acclimate expeditiously to mutable conditions. One way to engender resilience is to connect data to decisions by engendering a data analytics strategy that limpidly links people, processes, technologies, and data. Think of the analytics strategy as your north star – and your data strategy as the fortifying framework.


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Achieving Business Success with Data Analytics


On a daily basis, business managers and owners make decisions that have an impact on their businesses, so by incorporating analytics into their processes, they can make better decisions, even when thousands or millions of alternatives have to be evaluated as a component of the quotidian activity.

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Python: The best programming language for Data Analysis and Data Science


Python is one of the most popular open-source languages and designed for providing the best approach for object-oriented programming. Python provides first-class libraries to deal with data analysis or any modern data science application as efficiently as possible.

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Mobile Location Data Tracking: Helping local authorities to the fight against Coronavirus


Governments and the private sector are increasingly relying on data-driven technologies to avail contain the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. While some optically discern technological solutions as a critical implement for contact tracing, quarantine enforcement, tracking the spread of the virus, and allocating medical resources, these practices raise paramount human rights concerns.

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What is Machine Learning and How It works..


Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial perspicacity predicated on the conception that systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention.


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Why Pharma Students need SAS Knowledge?


For Pharma Students, adding SAS skills will make the most sought after a profile in the healthcare industry. Sankhyana’s (SAS Authorized Training Partner in India) Clinical Programme will not only help them to get a better opportunity but also launch a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Top 10 Data Science use cases | Best Data Science Training Institute in Bangalore/India


Data has become of great consequentiality for those disposed to take profitable lucrative decisions concerning the business. Moreover, an exhaustive analysis of a prodigious magnitude of data sanctions influencing or rather manipulating the customers' decisions. Numerous flows of information, along with channels of communication, are utilized for this purport.

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See How Analytics can help Demand Planning in Life Sciences during Covid-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the susceptibility of pharmaceutical supply chains. Pharma companies are fixating on risk management to ameliorate the resilience of their networks. Most of the quantifications they will take, including onshoring, over capacities, and redundancies will lead to higher costs. To decrement inventory levels across these incipient supply chains and control costs, pharma companies should withal fixate on amending their injunctive authorization orchestrating.

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How to become a Data Analyst? Step by Step Guide | Learn from the best SAS Training Institute in Bangalore/India


A data analyst collects, processes, and performs statistical analyses on large datasets. They discover how data can be habituated to answer questions and solve quandaries. With the development of computers and an ever-incrementing move toward technological intertwinement, data analysis has evolved. The development of the relational database gave an incipient breath to data analysts, which sanctioned analysts to utilize SQL to retrieve data from databases.

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Job Opportunities in AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to distribute some of the most paramount and disruptive innovations of this century. Self-driving cars, robotic auxiliaries, and automated disease diagnosis are all products of an emerging AI revolution that will reshape how we live and work. And with demand for talented engineers more than doubling in the last few years, there are illimitable opportunities for professionals who want to work on the cutting edge of AI research and development.

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How AI is transforming IT and Service Management?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is likely availing you in your life right now and you may not even ken it. AI powers assistants’ auxiliaries rideshare apps and social media aliments. It autopilots our planes and sometimes even distributes our packages. It should be no surprise, then, that by the year 2022, one in five workers will be working side-by-side with AI technology — from HR to IT.

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Why SAS for Clinical Research?


As the market leader in clinical research analytics, SAS provides a secure analytics foundation and scalable framework for clinical analysis and submission. SAS robust analytic implements and techniques, including AI and machine learning, avail you gain a competitive edge in the high-stakes world of clinical research analytics – from getting tribulations up and running, to modernizing tribulation designs, to distributing life-transmuting therapies to market more expeditious and more efficiently. SAS withal provides the leading platform for data transparency, sanctioning you to securely share historical tribulation data with third-party researchers for the betterment of medicine.

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Best Online/Live-Web SAS Training Institute in Bangalore/India | SAS Authorized Training Partner in India


Sankhyana (SAS Authorized Training Partner in India) is a premium and best live-web/online sas training institute in Bangalore/India. Sankhyana offers a wide range of SAS training courses to enable you to emerge as an “Industry Ready” professionals.

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Data Science Training in Bangalore | Best Data Science Training Institute in Bangalore/India


Sankhyana Consultancy Services is one of the premium and best Data Science Training institute in Bangalore/India, dedicated to providing career-oriented training to student’s professionals. Numerous students and professionals have benefited from our robust curriculum.

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Why Python is perfect for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning?


Python is one of the most popular programming languages utilized by developers today. In this article, we will discuss why python is perfect for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

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The importance of Visual Analytics


Visual analytics is "the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces”. It can assail certain quandaries whose size, intricacy, and desideratum for proximately coupled human and machine analysis may make them otherwise intractable. Visual analytics advances science and technology developments in analytical reasoning, interaction, data transformations, and representations for computation and visualization, analytic reporting, and technology transition.

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Predictive Analytics: Why is it important?


Predictive analytics is the utilization of data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes predicated on historical data. The goal is to transcend kenning what has transpired to providing the best assessment of what will transpire in the future.

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The impact of AI: Everyday Lives


Over the past few years, AI has magnified advances in approximating human interaction, especially when it comes to verbalization apperception and detection of emotions, and Advanced Analytics. Artificial intelligence has the potential to offer $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Today, AI plays a role in many aspects of our daily lives, from commuting to shopping to browsing the web.

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Why Python is considered as the High-Level Programming Language?


Python is easy to utilize, powerful, and versatile, making it a great cull for beginners and experts kindred. Python’s readability makes it a great first programming language — it sanctions you to think like a programmer and not waste time with confusing syntax. Python is great for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing.

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Machines are learning, Are you? | Learn from the best Machine Learning Training Institute in Bangalore/India


Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the conception that systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention. This super-powerful, enabling technology is one of the most sought-after technical skills and if you optate to land today’s most expeditious growing job, you require it. Sankhyana, the best Machine Learning Training institute in Bangalore/India helps you to upskill with this future technology.

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SAS Analytics: Discovering the possibilities in Pharma


SAS Analytics is playing a very critical role in helping the health and life- sciences industries evolve to meet the needs of the future. Combining and analyzing genomic, medical, and environmental data sources are sanctioning health care providers to get a more consummate picture of a patient’s health, the risk for disease, and lifestyle and circumstances so that they can recommend the right interventions at the right time.

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Best Online/Live-Web SAS Authorized Training Institute in Bangalore/India


Sankhyana Consultancy Services (SAS Authorized Training Partner in India) is a premium and best online/live-web training institute in Bangalore/India. Sankhyana provides the best online/live web training in India as per the current industry standards. Our training program will allow individuals to secure careers in billion-dollar analytics industry.

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Making the most of the AI Boom | Upskill with the best Data Science Training Institute in Bangalore/India


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to more than double the rate of innovation and employee productivity in India by 2021, according to Microsoft – IDC. The rate of progress in the field of artificial intelligence is one of the best-contested aspects of the ongoing boom in edifying computers and robots on how to see the world, make sense of it, and eventually perform involute tasks both in the physical realm and the virtual one.

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Using Analytics to fight Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering & Security Intelligence


The world of financial crime is intricate and there are many points of attack. Today’s forward-thinking enterprise understands how fraud, compliance and cybersecurity are interconnected and takes a holistic approach to tackle them.

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Python Training in Bangalore | Best Python Training Institute in Bangalore/India


Python is one of the most popular programming languages nowadays which is easy-to-learn, easy-to-read, and easy-to-maintain and can be utilized in a large variety of applications. It sanctions its users to easily solve complex quandaries within a much shorter time than any other programming language.

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SAS Training in India | Best SAS Authorized Training Institute in Bangalore/India


Sankhayana (SAS Authorized Training Partner in India) is one of the best SAS training institute in Bangalore/India offering premium and high-quality classroom, online/live-web, corporate and academic training on SAS & Data Management tools.

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Python Programming Language: Best resource for Data Scientists


According to KDnuggets studies, Python is the preferred programming language for data scientists. They require a facile-to-use language that has decent library availability and great community participation. Projects that have dormant communities are conventionally less liable to maintain or update their platforms, which is not the case with Python.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India: Opportunities and Future


Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of a computer or a computer-enabled robotic system to process information and engender outcomes in a manner like the phrenic conception process of humans in learning, decision making, and solving problems.

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SAS Certifications: The Gateway to Careers


The demand for data skills has been growing at an expeditious rate and will perpetuate to progress for years to come. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Data and AI will experience the highest annual magnification rate for job opportunities, at 41%. It’s no surprise that the desideratum for these skills is more preponderant than the competency to consummate the requisites, hence the term “skills gap” that perpetuates to be a sultry topic throughout the job market.

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How Predictive Analytics is transforming Healthcare?


In an era where data has become the new oil, it is paramount to have the right techniques and implements for processing what is amassed. Mainly because information extracted by correlation of data comes with an abundance of valuable insights that could avail make puissant, life-transmuting decisions. Imagine how it would be if two data sets having no straightforward connections were analyzed together to give a miraculous finding? That’s right, this has become possible today thanks to the innovative technologies that have bolstered the many different industries across the world. And healthcare is one such industry that has immensely benefited.

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Python with AI & ML Training in Bangalore | Best Data Science Training Institute in Bangalore/India


Sankhyana Consultancy Services is a premium and best data science with python training institute in Bangalore/India offering Python with AI & ML certification program for all those data aspirants who want to get certified in this booming data science field. Sankhyana’s Python with AI & ML training program will help students/professionals to dwell deep into data science.

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Clinical SAS Training in Bangalore | Best Clinical SAS Training Institute in Bangalore/India


Sankhyana Consultancy Services, Bangalore/India is a premium, leading and SAS Authorized Training Partner in India offering the best online/classroom training in Bangalore/India since the year 2014. Sankhyana’s Clinical SAS training in Bangalore/ India includes best Clinical SAS training including (Base SAS Programming Certification, Advance SAS, and Clinical SAS) to cover the demand of the Clinical Data industry by professional training programs of SAS. Our aim is to provide the main supporting part in nurturing students/corporates towards future demands.

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Data Science fighting with deadly Covid-19


The deadly novel coronavirus is not an unknown subject anymore. On January 28, WHO announces, and that time world was suffering to tackle covid-19. This is where technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) come into play. Analytics have transmuted the way disease outbreaks are tracked and managed, hence preserving lives.

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India Launched Artificial Intelligence (AI) Website to Promote AI Developments


The government of India on 30th May has launched the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) website ( The AI website is jointly developed by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) and backed from the National e-Governance Division of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (

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How Analytics is transforming Life-Sciences Manufacturing Quality?


Government, industry and academia are converging to find solutions to the quandaries caused by COVID-19, which emerged in the city of Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Unsurprisingly, the life sciences and healthcare sectors are at the heart of the work. Health care may make most of the headlines, but the work abaft the scenes in life sciences labs is just as crucial.

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Best Career Options and Career Path for Pharma Graduate Students


B. Pharm, M. Pharm & Pharm D degree programs for those who are interested in making a career in the pharma domain. In this article, we will discuss the best career options and career scope for pharma graduate students.

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Data Analytics takes on Cancer


The involution of seeking a remedy for cancer has vexed researchers for decenniums. While they’ve made remarkable progress, they are still waging a battle uphill as cancer remains one of the leading causes of death ecumenical. But in this data-driven world, researchers are utilizing Data Analytics to solve the puzzle of cancer.

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SAS Analytics to Improve Public Health and Quality of Life


Doctors and biologists dedicated to scientific exploration have utilized traditional data amassment techniques when implementing tribulation tests in their investigations, this has sanctioned them to reach conclusions that can, after a process, become life-preserving medical products or procedures. of thousands of people and even animals. This traditional form of amassment has been transforming thanks to technology companies that specialize in developing analytical solutions that seek to facilitate people's work.

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Online/Live-Web SAS Certification Training Program


The demand for data skills has been growing at an expeditious rate and will perpetuate to progress for years to come. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Data and AI will experience the highest annual magnification rate for job opportunities, at 41%.

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Advanced Analytics in Clinical Research


Advanced analytics is playing a very critical role in helping the health and life- sciences industries evolve to meet the needs of the future. Combining and analyzing genomic, medical, and environmental data sources are sanctioning health care providers to get a more consummate picture of a patient’s health, the risk for disease, and lifestyle and circumstances so that they can recommend the right interventions at the right time.

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AI & ML in Healthcare: Everything you need to know


Healthcare is facing an unprecedented need to reform, drive quality, and cut costs. Magnification in targeted, categorical treatments and diagnostic technology, coupled with ascension in people with long-term and multiple chronic conditions, is engendering unsustainable demand on the system. To thrive – or even merely survive – healthcare organizations must acclimate and find ways to distribute preponderant, more efficient care. However, the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to transform the way healthcare and therapies are distributed is tremendous. It’s not surprising that the healthcare and life sciences industries are being flooded with information about how these incipient technologies will transmute everything.

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Apollo Hospitals uses Data Analytics to Control Hospital Acquired Infections


There was a time when patient records were manual, and hospitals used traditional methods of managing hospital supplies and medicines and to control hospital-acquired infections. However, utilizing data analytics has proven a game-changer for the healthcare sector.

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Who Can Take-up Clinical SAS Program?


SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is widely utilized in clinical trial data analysis in pharmaceutical, Bio-Technology, and clinical research organizations. The utilization of SAS in clinical researches has given unbelievable results in past years. SAS can help healthcare professionals to meet their business goals, generate great revenue, enhance strategic performance management, and most importantly control costs.


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SAS Tutorials for Beginners: All You Need to Know


In this blog, you will learn SAS from the basics. This SAS tutorial includes various aspects of SAS programming like data sets, data table, functions, write and submit SAS code, arrays, and use interactive features to quickly generate graphs and statistical analyses.

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How Analytics is transforming Marketing?


Analytics is the biggest game-changer for marketing and sales in the last 5 years. Analytics helps marketers to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives. With the growing use of digital marketing, soon everything we use will have a digital connection. And the vast amount of data will be generated and analytics tools like, SAS, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning can give marketers capabilities to utilize that data to generate new opportunities, revenues for their organization.

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Why Upskilling is important for Pharma Graduate Students?


Governments, industry, and academia are converging to find solutions to the problems caused by COVID-19, which emerged in the city of Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Unsurprisingly, the life sciences and health care sectors are at the heart of the work. Healthcare may make most of the headlines, but the work abaft the scenes in life sciences labs is just as crucial.

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The Power of Data Analytics during Covid-19 Pandemic


Data Analytics is an important tool in fighting the covid-19 pandemic. All these advanced technologies are being employed to help and make doctors and governments more efficient and better equipped to fight this pandemic covid-19. Coronavirus bringing terms like data sets, modeling, predictive analytics to the forefront, there's a spike in data analytics interest. Data Analytics gathers momentum, it is creating a great career opportunity for IT professionals with data analytics skills. With companies scurrying around for data analytics professionals, it is an apt time to gather the necessary skills to land on one of the hottest jobs today.

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Fighting Covid-19 with Data Analytics


The whole world is suffering from pandemic covid-19. The spread of coronavirus began in November 2019 in Wuhan city. The spread of the coronavirus has affected more than 100 countries. The virus has separated us from each other. According to WHO (World Health Organization), social distancing, sheltering in place, and other mitigation efforts are critical to blunting the impact of the pandemic. The rapid, global spread of covid-19 has bought data analytics into the picture. Data Analytics is providing new insights based on massive amounts of data to stem the uptick in new cases and avail meet society’s needs. Researchers and developers across the world are using Data Analytics to track and contain coronavirus, as well as gain a more comprehensive understanding of the disease. 

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Data Analytics vs Data Science | Current Scenario & Future Prospects


Nowadays, we add powerful computers to the mix for storing increasing amounts of data and running sophisticated software algorithms- producing the fast insights needed to make fact-based decisions. By putting the science of numbers, data and analytical discovery to work, we can find out if what we think or believe is true.

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SAS (Statistical Analysis System) Certification Training & Placement Program in India


SAS is one of the most popular tool for data analysis and statistical Modeling. It is one of the most used software tool for data management, data collection, data extraction, data mining, data exploration, report writing, statistical analysis, business modeling, application development, and data warehousing, data integration, data visualization, building predictive models, etc. SAS is an asset in many job markets as it holds the largest market share in terms of jobs in the advanced analytics field.

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Federal Bank uses SAS Analytics for Its Customer Satisfaction


Federal Bank is using SAS Data Quality to meet the needs of customers and manage operational and credit risk of its 8 million customers. Federal Bank is a major Indian commercial bank in the private sector, having more than a thousand branches and ATMs spread across different states in India.

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How Data Analytics is Game Changer for Telecom Industry?


Data Analytics is widely used on a very larger scale in telecom Sector. The rapid rise in the use of smartphones and growth in internet is creating exceptional amounts of data sources including, device data, customer data, network data, location data, etc. Mobile technology is fast evolving, and this has created an abundant choice for consumers. Technology advancement has induced a paradigm shift in consumer lifestyle and attitude towards technology. Data Analytics enables one to relate to the customers, understand their needs, provide what they want and ensure their customers are delighted and become loyal.

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Maharashtra Government Uses SAS To Serve Their 120 Million Citizens


Analytics has been used to help solve problems faced by countries in their day to day scenarios. SAS being the prominent one is been used widely because of its different modules that can be modeled and integrate in the way the user requires it. 

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What is the Major Impact of Data Analytics in this Data- Driven World?


Data analytics refers to our ability to collect and use data to generate insights that inform fact-based decision-making. Data Analytics is the use of advanced analytic methodologies against very large, diverse data sets that included structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, from different sources, and in different sizes from terabytes to zettabytes. 

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Quarantined? India Let’s Ready to Upskill in Data Analytics Field with Sankhyana


Covid-19 has affected more than 190 countries including India. Complete India has locked down, due to covid-19 and everyone is sitting inert in their homes. This will be a great opportunity for those who want to upskill themselves during this lockdown with the best and most used data analysis tool SAS. Sankhyana Consultancy Services (SAS Authorized Training Partner) is launching new online/live- web sessions, now enjoy a classroom experience of learning from anywhere from your laptop/desktop.

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Top 8 Reasons to learn SAS Data Analytics Now During this Coronavirus Pandemic.


As whole India is locked due to Coronavirus till 14th April’20. And if you are data aspirant and previously you were not getting time to upskill yourself, taking Sankhyana’s online / live-web Base SAS & Advance SAS (with Global SAS Certification) is a great way to enter in the emerging SAS Data Analytics field. 

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SAS Online / Live- Web Batch Announcement: Get Flat 15% off (Learn Directly from Sankhyana- SAS ATC)


We keep our eyes open for opportunities to create something useful, productive, and consistent. As there has been an outbreak of the coronavirus worldwide pandemic. So, Sankhyana Consultancy Services (SAS Authorized Training Partner) is launching, new online/live- web sessions on Base SAS & Advance SAS from 5th April’20 & 20th April’20 with Global SAS Certification and with flat 15% discount on the course fees for all data aspirants across pan India to keep you industry ready for your future. Enroll Now to avail this offer.
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The History and Evolution of SAS Data Analytics: Then, Now and Later


SAS is one of the most popular tool for data analysis and statistical Modeling. It is one of the powerful software tool for data management, data collection, data extraction, data mining, data exploration, report writing, statistical analysis, business modeling, application development, and data warehousing, data integration, data visualization, building predictive models, etc. SAS is an asset in many job markets as it holds the largest market share in terms of jobs in the advanced analytics field.
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Fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic with SAS Visual Analytics Tracking Report


The WHO (World Health Organization) has declared the coronavirus a global pandemic. Doctors and Scientists are attempting to develop vaccines and treatments as quickly as possible to fight back with this pandemic. To fight back with covid- 19 and support healthcare researchers SAS has created a report that depicts the status, location, spread and trend analysis of the coronavirus. With novel- coronavirus permeating the world, governments and the general public are using SAS Visual Analytics to track the outbreak. The better we can track the virus, the better we can fight with this pandemic.
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Success Story of Harsha Vardhan: Know How He Grabbed a Job in SAS Data Analytics Field!


Choosing the right training institute for upskilling can be a big decision with many variables. Every aspirant will have different interests and different needs, so it is very important for aspirants to think and analyze which tool & technology is best for their career and future.
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How to Become a Certified SAS Programmer?


A SAS Programmer is a very challenging and a very rewarding job. The SAS (Statistical Analysis System) Programmers, utilize analytical software products to develop data-driven solutions for organizations related to fraud, clinical research, risk management, telecommunications, finance, retail, security, sports, etc.
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How SAS Data Analytics help Reliance to Optimize Power Inventory?


Reliance’s India’s leading utility company. Reliance core competency includes the generation, transmission, distribution & trading of power. A government mandate requires power companies to accurately forecast distributing power to assure all areas receive fair and equitable service within the region. Stiff penalties and fines are levied if forecasts are wrong.
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SAS Visual Analytics: A Comprehensive Guide


SAS Visual Analytics (VA) is a web-based environment that supports several applications. It allows you to create beautiful, interactive dashboards or reports that are immediately available on the web or a mobile device. The tool has a Data Explorer that makes it easy for the novice analyst to create forecasts, decision trees, or other fancy statistical methods.
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How AI & ML are helping Fight Coronavirus Pandemic?


As COVID- 19 reaches more than 100 countries and more than 1,00,000 people have been infected by a novel coronavirus and more than 4,000 people have died, most in china. With novel coronavirus permeating the world, researchers are turning to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and social media to track the virus as it spreads. According to the WHO last month report, AI & Big Data were a key part of china’s response to the virus. Brownstein's HealthMap, a Harvard Medical School-developed artificial intelligence technology that tracks infectious diseases, additionally picked up early signs of the coronavirus spread in Wuhan, China, in December.
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SAS: The Best Data Analysis tool for worldwide industries


The world of data Analytics has taken a huge leap forward since lasts a few years. The use of data in every sector has increased tremendously, and so has the speed at which results are required. With so much data available to drive critical business decisions and processes, companies are desperate for people who know how to analyze and utilize such data. Companies expect employees to own their roles and be able to anticipate and resolve any challenges in project execution. Professionals must be able to examine and analyze the causes contributing to a problem, provide alternative interventions and implement effective solutions. They should also be able to track critical performance metrics and assess the effectiveness of their corrective measures.
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Transforming Healthcare Industry with SAS Data Analytics


We have all been a patient at least once in our lives and there is a high likelihood that we will be so again. While some of us may require medical attention more frequently than others and some do not, but we have all been to the clinic at some point and we all desire the best of medical care. We believe that the medicos and technicians there are equipped to provide us with that and that there has been good research and understanding abaft all their medical decisions. But that is often not the case.
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How to Bridge the Analytics Skills Gap?


According to a LinkedIn report, data analytics & data science has been listed as one of the most promising job sectors in the last few years and the trend seems to continue in the future. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Data Scientists is the best job of the 21st century”. Most of the companies required top analytics skills like SAS (Statistical Analysis System), Python Programming Language, R Programming, ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence), etc. But the reality is companies across the world, not in one company or in one country but all globe is facing a shortage of talent, due to the analytics skills gap. According to the “Fueling India’s Skill Revolution” authored by Accenture in January 2019, India may have to forgo as much as US $1.97 trillion in GDP growth over the next decade, if the country fails to bridge the skills gap.
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Data Science Training in Bangalore - Sankhyana Consultancy Services


“Data” has always been the needed output as well as a pain area when dealing with lots of it. It’s for this very reason that it is also one focus area to develop for software developers. Due to the growth in the potential of the Internet of Things or IoT as it is commonly called, we now have more data output and information from everyday sources than we ever imagined. To break this data down and to make it more coherent for analysis, Data Science came into play.
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What is Data Analytics? Master’s in Data Analytics with Sankhyana (SAS Authorized Training Partner)


Nowadays, we add powerful computers to the mix for storing increasing amounts of data and running sophisticated software algorithms – producing the fast insights needed to make fact-based decisions. By putting the science of numbers, data and analytical discovery to work, we can find out if what we think or believe is true. And produce answers to questions we never thought to ask. That’s the power of data analytics.
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Python Training in Bangalore | Sankhyana Consultancy Services


Rated as one of the most popular and the most user-friendly programming languages, Python has been gaining popularity ever since its inception close to three decades back. Used extensively for coding desktop apps, websites, and web apps, Python is one of the most sought-after languages today.
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SAS in HDFC Bank


HDFC bank, the 2nd largest private bank in India is one of the 1st new generation tech-savvy commercial bank. The bank's mission is to be a world-class Indian Bank. HDFC Bank is using SAS to both sound customer franchises across the distinct business, so is to be preferred provider of banking services for target retail, then home sale customer segments.
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Why I Choose Sankhyana for SAS Training? - Thiyaga Rajan! Student Speak


Choosing the right training institute for upskilling can be a big decision with many variables. I joined Sankhyana with high hope as my friend Gokul Nath did SAS training in Sankhyana and got placed before SAS certification. He was referred by his sister Sudha and she also got placed studying SAS in Sankhyana. And the chain of referral continues. Sankhyana is the best sas training institute in bangalore to learn SAS. Word of mouth is the most reliable factor to choose among the available options in the market. People will refer only when they see some good in it. Sankhyana has that much of it in creating a better life for their students
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SAS Data Analytics in the Healthcare Sector


SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is widely utilized in clinical trial data analysis in pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research companies. The utilization of SAS in clinical researches has given unbelievable results in past years. SAS helps healthcare professionals to meet their business goals, generate great revenue, enhance strategic performance management and most importantly control costs. The healthcare industry is one of the most important industries in India when it comes to health welfare.
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Data Analyst- Your Dream Job Awaits | Sankhyana Consultancy Services


A dream job is not limited to the idea of having a good paycheck. A dream job is one where your life doesn't stop when the office starts. A job that helps you to fulfill your purpose and gives a good quality of life as well as the new-age definition of a dream job. Data analytics is coming out to be the dream job for this generation. No matter in which field you want to bring innovation, change things, find solutions or want to do something that fulfills your purpose of making a difference.
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Why Sankhyana is the best Data Analytics Training Center in Bangalore?


We at Sankhyana prepare you for a world that is being dominated and shaped by data. If the market looks saturated and out of job then either you are looking at the wrong place or not prepared for the market that is booming. According to a Gartner report, the Data Analytics market is expected to grow to $210 billion by 2020. More than 2 lakh jobs are vacant in the field of Data Analytics & Data Science. The only reason behind this vacancy is the lack of skilled professionals in the industry.
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Special Offer for Women on Data Analytics Courses


The Women in Analytics Offer is a SAS India Education Sponsored discount program aimed to strengthen diversity in the analytics field. Join a community of like-minded women and get an additional 10% discount on Analytics Courses.
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Data Analytics: Overview and Career Scope in India | Sankhyana Consultancy Services


Data Analytics is the scientific process of transforming data into insight for making better decisions, offering new opportunities for a competitive advantage. It is used in all sectors to make strategic decisions and solve problems.
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An Internship is a period of work- experience within an organization or company, usually taken by recent graduates. As you know that the competition for the jobs in the data analytics field is increasing. Companies are looking for the best of the best. So, it is mandatory for those who want to make a career in this domain, they must make their skills better than other competitors and the best way to do it by completing an internship. Nowadays, having a good degree is not enough to get a job, while having an impressive CV with relevant and work-related experience is a very great idea. A SAS Analytics internship is a great opportunity for those who are interested in this field and want to gain in-depth knowledge and valuable experience. Here at Sankhyana, in our SAS internship program, we will give you experience with real- business problems and datasets.
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Master Data Analytics without quitting your Job | Sankhyana Consultancy Services


SAS (Statistical analysis system) Data Analytics is one of the most popular tools for data analysis and statistical Modeling. It is one of the world's fastest and powerful software for data management, data mining, report writing, statistical analysis, business Modeling, application development, and data warehousing. Knowing SAS is an asset in many job markets as it holds the largest market share in terms of jobs in advanced analytics.
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Why Data Science is a Good Career Option? | Sankhyana Consultancy Services


The Data Science career path is probably the best career choice you can make currently. It is undoubtedly the best career for any Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Management, Engineering background peoples. Every hour, 6 billion associated devices generate hundreds of terabytes of data. Each set of data is critical and should be analyzed effectively to give an organization a competitive edge.
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Early Bird Offer on Data Science Courses | Sankhyana Consultancy Services


Looking to grasp data science skills? Well, look no further, become a globally certified data science expert.
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Sankhyana Consultancy Services is offering a free demo session on SAS, R, Python & ML


Sankhyana Consultancy Services is proud to announce an in- house demo session, which will be held from 9th Nov'19 - 30th Nov'19 at Kammanahalli & HSR Layout from 10:00 am - 7:00 pm.
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Today's corporate world is dynamic. Companies are looking for professionals with specialized skills. If you have Base SAS Certification in your resume, then you will get noticed by hiring companies. Certification gives the apperception of competency, shows commitment to the profession, and avails with job advancement. According to IDC (International Data Corporation) report, SAS has a 35% market share (more than double its near competitors). A Base SAS certification provides a definite measure of the individual’s skills and at the same time adds marketability and credibility to the professional expertise. Therefore, you can't ignore the Base SAS Certification.
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As computer networks are growing at a very rapid pace, the threat of being attacked through cyberspace is growing. Cybercriminals and hackers are becoming more sophisticated. Companies have commenced agonizing that outdated software is not enough to bulwark their assets and have commenced pursuing data analytics & machine learning for better cybersecurity.
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Machine learning is the process of teaching a computer system on how to make precise predictions when victualed data. It is not a new technique; it has evolved in 1959s and witnessed huge success from the year 1959s to the 1990s. In the year 1997 IBM's machine learning software “Deep Blues” beats a world chess champion in the game.
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Data Scientists “the world best job” in the data-driven world. It is the most dominated job that commands great salary and has a massive demand. Data scientist's job role has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. They have many options when it comes to choosing an analytical tool for data analysis. In this blog, we will tell you about the top Analytical weapon of Data Scientists.
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Looking for a job in the Data Analytics field? According to a recent study from Analytics India Magazine, India is the 2nd biggest Analytics business core after the US. The demand for this profession is on the rise. This is such a grand opportunity for those who are looking to make a career or want to shift their career in Analytics profession. The analytics field has most endeavored nowadays. It is expanding at a very serious pace in every sector. As every organization is moving towards new technology, they need these kinds of experts. They are hiring professionals like Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, etc.
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Data Analytics has a tremendous impact on the manufacturing sector. Since the industry is facing so many problems like how they'll improve the quality of their product, when they must adopt new technology, how they'll increase their reach, etc. The analysis of the data helps them to understand each and everything.
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DATA ANALYTICS IN THE BANKING SECTOR | Sankhyana Consultancy Services


The banking industry is one of the largest and important industries in India. A massive amount of data is generated and stored day in and day out. Previously banks were not able to utilize this data. Nowadays, most of the banks are using Data Analytic tools to analyze the data, which helps them to monitor the accounts of their customers, stop fraud detection and prevention....and many more things as well.
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“DATA SCIENTISTS” IS THE BEST JOB OF THE 21ST CENTURY | Sankhyana Consultancy Services


Data Scientist is rapidly becoming one of the best careers in the IT sector. The most important thing about Data scientists is that they can combine a large amount of unstructured data and analyze this data which is very useful for the organizations. According to Harvard Business Review (2012), Data Scientist is the best job of the 21st century. And now, we are in the year 2018, Data Scientist is still the best job of the 21st century. You can feel the impact and dominance of this profession in the Data- dominated the job market. Many industry experts and organizations have already declared that this profession is still the best & will continue to be the same in the coming years.
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AI is progressing faster than you think | Sankhyana Consultancy Services


The world is surrounded by Oxygen and Data. Data is created every second at a massive speed from videos, social media, music and from each sector. So, who derives the meaning from these data? AI has a tendency and shows the promise to derive the meaning from the data. “AI is a machine with the ability to solve problems that are usually done by humans.”
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Employment is the dream for everyone. Everyone wishes that he/ she would get a job as quick as possible in this data dominating the world. So, the question is how you will get your dream job. For acquiring a secured job in this data dominating world, your skills need to be sharp, latest and best from others. The latest reports of Indian job sites are also saying that SAS is the most believable and dominating job in the market.
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Predictive Modeling is a way to predict future events based on past behavior. It's a combination of statistics. Predictive Analytics helps us to make smarter decisions by choosing one path over another. Nowadays, many organizations are turning into Predictive Analytics, because the predictions of data have a very positive and massive impact on their businesses. And allow them to remain competitive in this Data world.
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The development of every new technology comes with the production of enormous raw data so-called “big-data”. With the continuous expansion of data in all domains, the analytics is merging as the latest buzz in the market. The job of analyzing raw data is a big challenge and that is the reason data scientist jobs have skyrocketed. All the big or raw data available are not useful for analysis and thus for decision making (Acharya & Kauser,2016). The role of data analytics becomes crucial to transforming this collated data into pieces of value-added information.
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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Sankhyana Consultancy Services for SAS Data Analytics Program | Sankhyana Consultancy Services


Everyone wants an opportunity once in their life, which changes their present and future and suddenly they are on top of the world. And, in today's and tomorrow’s world the name of that opportunity is DATA ANALYTICS. Data Analytics means analysis, it allows making decisions based on data. What you have done till now is not important, the important thing is where do you want to be tomorrow? There are many ways, many skills, many platforms to get succeeded, but Analytics is the latest trend and best of them all. In the Data world, the most important thing for reaching the top most position in once career is to upgrade with the latest trends and technologies in the current market scenario. And, do you know?? SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is the most valuable and lucrative skill in this world. Out of all the skills, SAS is the highest in demand with nearly 30% market share. The salary of a SAS Analyst/ Manager increases by 6.1% per annum, which is the highest of all other skills.
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