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Data Manager (Analytics Programmer)

   EligibilityRegular Graduation
   Course Duration90 days
Course ModulesBase SAS Programmer Certification + Advance Essentials (Macros + SQL)

Base SAS programming course helps the candidate in getting a strong understanding on using the programming environment of SAS to read various file formats, Manipulate Data, performing analysis and create complex reports and graphs. It includes various prewritten procedures used majorly for data analysis and reporting.

Advance SAS Programming course details on SQL procedure and SAS Macro facility.

SQL Procedure is used to query, Summarize and present data, to perform complex joins and merges, Create and modify table views and indexes. Learn to replace Multiple Data steps and PROC steps with one SQL Query.

SAS Macro facility enables to perform text substitution in SAS code. Automation and production of SAS codes conditionally or iteratively. The candidate learns to design, Write and debug macro systems and understand the importance of macro code processing.